Full Version: A British National day of prayer in 1918, is answered by a white (angelic) cavalry.
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These are some eyewitness and historical accounts of an event from the Great war. This same event was confirmed to me personally, by my uncle who served as a signalman in France at this time. What follows are eyewitness accounts of this event.
Years after the 1914-1918 war a great friend of mine married a German Officer who had seen the Vision of the "White Cavalry", and he told her the story just as you can read it in a booklet entitled "We Have a Guardian", compiled by W.B.Grant. In that booklet you will see how down the ages Britain (covenant land in Hebrew) has been guarded by Almighty God and always after days of National Prayer, miracles or something special have happened.
In the spring of 1918, in France, a similar situation occurred to that in Mons in 1914. British troops were worn out, and it seemed that the enemy was about to overwhelm us. Captain Hayward again takes up the tale:-
The following account of what occurred between the months of April and August 1918, I can personally vouch for as being true; as far as that area of the front line trenches is concerned, lying roughly between the town of Bailleul, some 15 miles south of Ypres, and the town of Arras, some 15 miles south of Bethune, in La Bassee, France. In Britain everyone was asking, "Would the Germans get through to Paris?" "Would the Americans arrive in time to check their advance?" "Will the English ports be shelled shortly by German big guns from the coast of France? We then [i.e., the nation] remembered the "Angels of Mons" and once again the whole British Nation was called to prayer [by King George Vth] and the President of the Unites States summoned the American people to do likewise; and united prayer went up from all the English-speaking peoples.

In the meantime the enemy shell fire, which had been largely directed against the shattered town of Bethune, suddenly lifted and began to burst on a slight rise beyond its outskirts. This open ground was absolutely bare of trees, houses, or human beings, yet the enemy fire broke on it with increasing fury, and was augmented by heavy bursts of massed machine guns which raked it backward and forward with a hail of lead. We stood looking on in astonishment.
"Fritz has gone balmy, Sir," said the Sergeant; "what in the world is he peppering that naked ground for?"I saw my Sargent and men standing on the edge of a shell hole waving their tin hats. They shouted out, "Fritz is retiring!"

Indeed he was. Outlined on the slight rise by the La Bassee village, and as far as we could see, was a dense line of German troops, who a short time before had commenced a forward movement to victory, in mass formation. This line suddenly halted, and as we watched, we saw it break!
Before our astonished eyes, that well-drilled and seemingly victorious army broke up into groups of frightened men who were fleeing from us, throwing down their arms, haversacks, rifles, coats and anything which might impede their flight.
This a German account of the event.
“Steadily they advanced, clear in the shining sunlight, and a few paces in front of them rose their Leader - a fine figure of a man, whose hair, like spun gold, shone in an aura round his bare head. By his side was a great sword, but his hands lay quietly holding his horse's reins, as his huge white charger bore him proudly forward. In spite of heavy shell, and concentrated machine gun fire, the White Cavalry advanced, remorseless as fate, like the incoming tide over a sandy beach. Then a great fear fell on me, and I turned to flee; yes, I, an Officer of the Prussian Guard, fled, panic-stricken, and around me were hundreds of terrified men, whimpering like children, throwing away their arms and accoutrements in order not to have their movements impeded - - all running. Their intense desire was to get away from that advancing White Cavalry; but most of all from their awe-inspiring Leader. That is all I have to tell you. We are beaten. The German Army is broken. There may be fighting, but we have lost the war. We are beaten - by the White Cavalry - - I cannot understand."
I haven't posted this story to talk about race, or the accuracy of the doctrine of the Church of England, God forbid. History tells us that God is faithful even when mankind is not,but he has intervened in times of national prayer (the Angel of Mons,Dunkirk, the storm that destroyed the Spanish Armada and many more) which unfortunately is never followed up with National days of thanks giving prayer. I take comfort knowing that its not only the deep state that has a plan for the human race, but God also does. Lets not believe only in what we are fed by You tube and believe that a Hollywood movie(the matrix) has all the answers to human existence.