Full Version: The Court System and Legal Costs - where is the Justice?
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The Courts are more ritual than anything to do with justice, with the ridiculous archaic uniforms, protocol and headgear on display.

The cost of the often parasitical and psychopathic legal profession (with some exceptions) means that all but the rich are mostly denied quality representation, or even any representation at all, within a system that is already rigged in favour of the tiny few at the expense of the very many. 

Governments when challenged pay for legal representation with taxpayers’ money but taxpayers who challenge governments have to pay for their own. The legal system has nothing to do with justice. It’s about who has the most money to buy the best (often most psychopathic) lawyers, and far more often than people realise it’s about who has the influence to fix the judge. 

If you have the money or someone else to pay your legal costs you can target anyone with even the most ludicrous lawsuits and financially destroy them as they pay to defend themselves.
Absolutely agree with you. I've been in the position twice of not being able to pursue in one case a company and in another an individual who cheated me because of the cost even though I had a good case both times. And of course far worse are the number of poor people accused of heinous crimes who spend years in jail or even receive the death penalty because they don't have proper legal representation. I love John Grisham's books and I read his only non-fiction book "The Innocent Man" about just such a case which I would highly recommend. It is a deeply distressing case and since doing the research for that book John Grisham has become very involved in trying to help poor people who have been wrongly convicted.
There can be no justice while our courts operate under admiralty law and not under Common Law.

The legal system is just that — a legal system. Just because something is illegal does not necessarily mean it is lawful; indeed, much legislation is unawful.

Legislation is just words on paper dreamed up by those who, for personal/corporate/political gain, write, ammend and even delete as they choose, while falsely claiming it to be Law.

The Law stands firm on it's own and can not be abrogated.

Unfortunately the people themselves buy into this fraud and actively support it.

One can easily bribe one's way out of being jailed for legal 'crimes' — legally — and millions of people do so regularly.

Not so easy to bribe one's self out of being jailed for breaking the Law, at least, not without the aid of corrupt individuals in the justice court system and wads of cash. Dire threats and/or blackmail also seems to work quote nicely.

It really would be useful if everyone fully understood the difference between that which is Lawful and that which is merely legal ...

All court systems deal predominantly with money and where the old masonic saying eminates, "Their books must always be Properly Balanced", IE, their books not ours, the priviledges we are granted are only ever temporary, we never actually get the choice to close down this kind of farming.

The early Templars also dedicated themselves to its laws and were the first to introduce cheques and where the tally model came from, but thereafter governments were disguised as money collectors for the same cabal to do their bidding.

Basically there is no true laws and like money it will only continue to serve the instigators if we believe that its true/real, in a system where a living person is denied the avenue of self representation without cost using our own minds and ability, there is no law.