Full Version: Brendon Cox
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Guy's I want to hear you thoughts on Brendon Cox the husband of the (murdered) Labour MP who is currently being linked to sexual abuse within the charity sector.
Firstly I was very sceptical about her murder the week before the Brexit referendum by Thomas Mair it has all the markings of a false flag operation designed to influence people into thinking that if you are pro brexit then you are a right wing racist nut as well, however the awake amongst us when something such as this happens do not believe everything being thrown out by the MSM and we take a step back and objectively wait for it to play out with an open mind, I did just this and one of the things that made me think something was wrong was Brian Cox.... To me I didn't feel he showed the empathy emtion and grief in a way that would have been consistent with your wife being shot and stabbed to death which we see all too often with other possible false flag events sandy hook and the recent Parkland mass shootings where you see families laughing before going on air, if anything Brendon Cox was quite eloquent and vocal about the far right!
Since June 2016 he has been involved with charities in his wifes name against the far right and worked for save the children, he has now been allowed to step down before save the children have there inquiry which stinks to me.
The real powers who rule us are psychotic, paedophilic, satanic and would stop at nothing to keep us in the EU which is a big part of the ultimate agenda of one world government and enslavement and it seems to me the people who they have working for them are slowly oozing out of the woodwork those that fight hardest for the hidden hand expose themselves to the awake!!!
Yea i listened to Richie talking about this on one of his shows recently and it don't surprise me one little bit. It is highly questionable this story so interested to hear another show on this subject (nudge nudge wink wink Richie) in the near future shedding some more potential light on the situation.

Also lets stop calling them the MSM "Main Stream Media" anymore because we know they are not. They are the corporate funny handshaking media club owned by the seriously super 0.1% rich, or maybe just CCM "Corporate Controlled Media" :-) They changed and created loads of words to control us, lets change them back to their true meaning so we don't help them in subconsciously brainwashing the masses :-D
Agreed but that's a mouthful I'm sure we can think of another term for msm.