Full Version: Sorry for the downtime!
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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the unexpected downtime, there was just a delay in having the DNS changed for the domain name but as all backups were taken and imported to the new server we just went ahead with things. Hopefully you'll notice an improvement in speed overall which should be nice.

Also the new Richie Allen site is almost at the point where Richie and co will be adding information and articles and then we'll make that live. We'll be posting up soon about the new site and its features.

I'd like to remind you guys that we might be having an integrated forum. Please be assured that if we do we will keep this board online so none of the information is lost.


Sounds great! Thanks to everyone involved for the work involved in the site upgrade.
Hi Richie

Been trying to contact you. I've sent several messages ...
Anyway I was on the Ramola d show earlier today talking about my new documentary series PlannedilLusion and the situation in Melbourne

Have a great break mate've earned it