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Most watching here will already know how the music industry has been gathered by the elite and used to program our childrens minds, both young and old, I say old because the narcissists amongst society are very purile in their outlook on the world and are what my grandfather often called, "The forever young brigade".

Our own children now have children of their own and the very same programming is now extant within their minds, it is a generational flow of constant resolution and getting much worse.

So together with my partner we have chosen a song by well known pop goddess famous Miley Cyrus, who began her career as Mis Dinsney world as a child herself and has been turned into one of the most wicked manipulators of the highest degree.

In the following thesis we have put together a collection of snapshots from her single and video called, Mother's Daughter, and reflects the mindset of her parents in so many ways.

Right at the beginning we have the single frame subliminal showing, every momen is a riot, which sets the scene for a deva and troublesome individual with an attitude, here the demarkation lines between parents and offspring is set like a coiled spring simply waiting to go off.

[Image: 50341544492_9994fbbfb5_c.jpg]fbggh by apprentice 01, on Flickr

Quickly followed by a scene of real and false reality with two breasts, here is the perfect storm for what is real and false within society and a trans outlook to further confuse our young minds.

[Image: 50341583472_79292a64a7_c.jpg]rhj by apprentice 01, on Flickr

Followed by another subliminal of virginity and a young butterfly clad nether region of a child, here is the normalisation of pubertorial sex pangs, and innosense, as her own life began as a child model.

[Image: 50340753913_c46333630d_b.jpg]efngkj by apprentice 01, on Flickr

It then follows with the words I'm a freak, and I am free lyrics and shows her wearing a penis shaped helmet thus further programming the young mind into a frenzy, even before the song has really got under way, with the next subliminal, F*** beautiful, which can be interpreted in two ways, IE, your special and not to be messed with, as the programming is most definately doing.

[Image: 50341479276_65413b388f_b.jpg]ghi by apprentice 01, on Flickr

[/url][Image: 50341461976_d3af0f1b35_b.jpg]gghkkhj by apprentice 01, on Flickr

Then follows the black and white subliminals saying I am a social construct, what they are telling us here she is a manufactured reality.

[Image: 50341634022_b1893d7576_b.jpg]ehhk by apprentice 01, on Flickr

Oh my god she got the power, Oh look at her she got the power, here she is telling us her mother had the power over her and has passed it onto her.

Then follow by two very quick black on white subliminals sayin virginity is a social construct, further imprinting that it is best to be a virgin, which is having a huge impact on girls and boys getting together today, in research done by Sam Vaknin the gap between teenagers is at a whole time high as much as 75 percent, the pubescent era is being encouraged to abstain, which is part and parcel of a wider outlook for depopulation.

Don't fuck with my freedom, I'm nasty I'm evil,Don't fuck with my freedom

I came up to get me some

I'm nasty, I'm evil

Must be something in the water or that I'm my mother's daughter.

[Image: 50340859993_61fd29c21c_b.jpg]erghk by apprentice 01, on Flickr

[Image: 50340865533_09755824e0_b.jpg]

Here we have mind control at its best, designed to remove the bonds between male and female showing the horrific trait of C-Section (Cesarean Birth) While at the same time manipulating young mens minds with scenes of erotica, a double whammy for our young.

As they show the next clip the words, pertaining to not having sex or a reltionship that might lead to that activity, again population control.

So, back up, back up, back up, back up, boy, ooh

Back up, back up, back up, back up, boy, ooh

And finally a few more sublininals and a picture of a viscious virgina that spells danger to those who want to try their hand at what comes naturally.

The minds of our young are by now well and truly scrambled beyond repair, she shows herself as an object whilst at the same time denying that she is real and deep inside a product of here mothers own desires.

[url=][Image: 50341601911_570b84e328_b.jpg]dsfgfk by apprentice 01, on Flickr
Quote:Miley Cyrus' Can't Be Tamed lyrics...
(The first single of Miley's 2010 album.)

For those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy
Have to get my way, 24 hours a day
'Cause I'm hot like that
Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention
Like I'm under inspection, I always get the 10s
'Cause I'm built like that

I go through guys like money flyin' out their hands
They try to change me but they realize they can't
And every tomorrow is a day I never planned
If you're gonna be my man, understand

I can't be tamed, I can't be saved
I can't be blamed, I can't, can't
I can't be tamed, I can't be changed
I can't be saved, I can't be (can't be)
I can't be tamed
CAN'T BE TAMED is plain evidence of the rebellious nature of Pop and Rock music today. No doubt, Miley Cyrus wants to make more of the money for herself by using her own name instead of Hannah Montana and handing all the filthy lucre over to Walt Disney. Disney pays Miley Cyrus less than one-third percent of the money they're raking in. Compared to the profits made by Disney, Miley Cyrus is nothing but a cheap whore being exploited. I don't think she should receive one penny! I wish Walt Disney would go out of business! But what would all the Southern Baptist churches do without Walt Disney World? Evidently their 8-year ban was costing them too many worldly church members so they lifted their ban. But Disney didn't budge an inch and GAY DAY is still one of their featured events. God hasn't lifted His ban on Walt Disney!
Disney and all their whores wouldn't be making all that money if the American people weren't so in love with every form of wickedness. All this filth is being produced in AMERICA!!! The U.S. is the cesspool of this world's iniquity and God is going to severely punish us for it as a nation! Already our nation is in economic, moral, educational, political, medical, social and legal shambles! Evil corruption is everywhere! Theft is commonplace! Most people only think of God in religious terms; but I assure you that He is pondering our every thought, word and action (Proverb 24:12). Those fools who dismiss God as “organized religion” will be sorry the second they enter into eternity and plunge into the fires of Hell forever. The second you die you will find out the horrible truth!!! You will be in Hell, crying out in torment and pain, day and night the Bible warns (Revelation 20:10), forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!!
Would to God that more Christians became upset over the filth and lewdness in our nation. Would to God that more parents would get angry at Walt Disney's Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez, who target young children and teenagers, leading girls into whoredom, sleaze, idolatry and feminism. Miley Cyrus' videos are sexually suggestive, raunchy, slutty, and she is arrogant, rebellious and disgraceful. America's children are being taught to serve the Devil (and they are)! Children rarely rise above their role models in moral character. Miley Cyrus has no moral character!

The Sinister Agenda Behind the Moral Corruption of American Society
It is not by coincidence, nor by natural occurrence, that America is plagued today with whorish singers and actors who are being featured on Prime-time TV, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and everything pertaining to teenagers. It's all deliberate, intended to eliminate courtship, replaced by sexual promiscuity. Teen girls are being conditioned to behave like homosexuals, who don't marry and have children...


Mark Dice Speaks,

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[Image: 50341725407_9c99f2fb42_b.jpg]gbyop by apprentice 01, on Flickr

All of these snapshots are so fast it is hard to spot them at first glance, our youg girls are going to be completely destroyed if this is allowed to continue, the minds of the young men frustrated at the double speak and crass new normals we are allowing our children to copy.

Not even Christianity is able to tame this beast, what are the parents of the furture to do to prevent this from happening, the NWO will say don't breed, just have a life long party and unzip it if things go the wrong way.

In the video I alo found this meassage from the New World Order,

[Image: 50342163513_690464db4c_c.jpg]lj;k.l by apprentice 01, on Flickr

[Image: 50342150128_d4647bcb12_c.jpg]dfghfh by apprentice 01, on Flickr

W are truly enetering the Zions den of lost souls.