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New Film ‘DEEP RIG’ Proves The 2020 Election Was Stolen

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is a libertarian who did not vote for Donald Trump and has publicly criticized him: that said, he believes the 2020 election was rigged, and that that should be objectionable to every person who believes “just government derives its power from the consent of the governed.”

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BREAKING: Veteran Election Officials Say 30,000 Fake Ballots Found In Georgia Audit, ‘They’re Not Real’

... Georgia election officials are alleging that up to 30,000 of the ballots are fraudulent.
AZ Auditors Make an Announcement About 2020 Election Results -

Teams conducting a forensic audit in Arizona’s largest county said Thursday they have found several major discrepancies and need more items to complete the review…

‘He said the team could find no record of more than 74,000 mail-in ballots that the county supposedly sent to voters. Auditors further discovered that 11,326 individuals appeared on the voter rolls on Dec. 4, 2020, even as they were not on the rolls on Nov. 7, 2020, and that 3,981 people appeared to vote after registering on Oct. 15, 2020’
Narrative collapse - US election WAS rigged - The Sunday Times, UK - 

So Trump was right: the election was rigged. And our next one will be too …
Telegram Post -

Sidney Powell was on Brannon Howse Live tonight and discussed the government patents that she recently discovered, which allow the government to rig and manipulate our elections via algorithms in the voting machines. 

We’ve suspected this since they stole the 2020 election, but she found PATENTS that were filed in 2006. 

This is mind blowing stuff.

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