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This whole gender id issue is a complete farce, and the biggest problem is that no interviewer has the intelligence to ask the right questions, or to tell the interviewee that they are in fact barking mad.

Let's take the drag queens at the Bristol School as the first example.

Some men, dressed in women's clothing read stories to young children.

But, that same school would say that there is sexual equality. This being so, there is no boys or girls fashion, it is all the same and anyone can wear whatever they like.
So, are those men dressed as women?
According to the school they are dressed as people.
So, the school invited some people dressed as people to read books about how people interact with people.
The men cannot dress as women, as the school does not recognise that there is any such thing as male or female.
Hence, there cannot be any discrimination, as there is nothing to discriminate against.

So what was the point of the exercise. There can only be a point if the school admits that it recognises male and female, male and female fashion, and male and female dress preferences. At this point they have shot themselves in the foot. If a transgender wears trousers, are they dressing as a male or female? This is where the whole argument falls apart. One cannot wear a dress and state that one is dressing as a woman, as a male can equally say that they are male and dressing as a male.

If the school, or any other organisation, wanted to prove that their doctrine had merit then they would organise a school day out on a naturist beach, as surely if there is no difference and no one can be discriminated against, then no one will have any difficulty at all in identifying who is male and who is female.

I am also disturbed by the simple fact that on any given day a rebellious child, and all children are rebellious, can declare themselves to be of the opposite sex. At that point they can destroy the career of any teacher who refers to them by the wrong gender. So what happens when the child, the following week, decides that actually, they didn't want to be the opposite gender and reverts back. The teacher has already had their career and good name blackened, and that will stick for life.