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Back in 2001, my family and I travelled to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire to attend an art exhibition put on by Uri Geller. Apart from bending spoons, which I have witnessed on several occasions, Uri also designes and sells jewellery, via QVC, and designs artwork on pottery. 

Anyway, Uri is a very approachable fellow and we got chatting to him about different things including his artwork and designs. We then talked about other interests as, I’m sure you will know, he is world famous for his controversial psychic ability. 

Then, all of a sudden, Uri invited me to sit at a table opposite himself. At that point, I was unsure as to why he would want me to sit down directly opposite him. He then proceeded to get out a blank sheet of paper. After tearing it in half, he then hands me one piece and asks me to draw a simple picture of an object whilst his back is turned and then turn it over onto the table, making impossible for him to see what I had just drawn.

Once I had finished doing this, he turned back towards me and then asked me to concentrate hard on what I had just drawn. He said “visualise the object in your mind’s eye and project it to me as if it’s on a TV screen in your head”. In other words I had to send him this image from my mind to his. 

Now this was quite a challenge, as it was no easy task to continually concentrate on sending the image in the middle of a large sports hall with all its distractions. At one point, I momentarily lost concentration but amazingly, he picked up on this straight away and asked me to re focus on the image. 

He then started to draw his impression on the other piece of paper, but I couldn’t actually see from where I was sat what was being drawn. After completing his drawing he then turned his piece of paper over face down, onto the table. He then said “please turn over your piece of paper so I can see what you have drawn”. So I start to turn over my piece of paper. 

By this time there are quite a few people in the hall, including my wife and two young daughters, watching us. Uri then turns over his piece of paper, and astoundingly it is the exact image that I have drawn! Even to the same scale! 

That surely has to be telepathy. What do you think?

Can you guess what I drew?

NB. What I drew was in no way simple, such as a face, boat or person!
I have a cat in my mind a fat black cat with whiskers ... anywhere close?!

I think the fact that he’s been talking to you means there’s something in what you’ve said that’s triggered in the psychology of your body language (if that’s even a proper sentence lol) that he’s guessed what you’d draw before you drew it... maybe it was in his art & he knew you’d subconsciously absorbed it??

Either that or it was telepathy... I don’t think it’s impossible & it’s certainly not in the realm ofthe quantum world!!!
Hi Charlotte, sorry but it wasn’t a cat.

Of course it’s possible to influence someone subliminally but then why did he know straight away as soon as I lost concentration?

Also, he asked me to make my drawing simple, which it certainly wasn’t!
Ah ok... damn! I’m certainly not telepathic then lol

Like I said I think it’s defo within the realms of possible but I don’t trust him as I know he’s been affiliated with some of the elite!

Not that makes his ability any less credible but it does make me judge him on the company he keeps
Well yes, he's controversial for sure but speaking from personal experience, I have found him to be thoroughly decent. However, at the same time I can appreciate other peoples concerns.
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Many years ago I was fortunate enough to visit Uri Geller at his home in Sonning, Berkshire. It was a lovely property in a beautiful setting, close to the river Thames. Near the entrance of the building was a giant crystal on a stand, and after meeting Uri's son, he explained to me that when his boy was very young, he had suffered a devastating accident and split his head open on the marble floor near the entrance.  

As you can imagine, Uri was beside himself with alarm and worry. What he told me next was amazing. Apparently a beam of light was emitted from this large crystal and directed at his son's head wound, and miraculously his son made a full recovery.

Another thing I remember from this eventful day was an egg shaped object that Uri allowed me to look at. Apparently, this object was given to him by John Lennon, who was given the object following an alien encounter!

Whatever you might think of Uri Geller, or his involvement with various organisations, he has always come across to me as a very kind hearted and good person, and the powers he demonstrates are truly genuine!
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