Full Version: How Can I Listen To The Richie Allen Show Now It's No Longer On YouTube?
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good morning good sir !!! i would LURVE you to come round to my house and start to shout your fab show through my letter box - after the intro you could of course come right indoors for a cuppa and a chat KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.... xx
I found it here, channel 2, all the shows are listed.

[url=I found it here, channel 2, all the shows are listed.]Podomatic[/url]

Just as an aside, a friend just received a notification from Paypal that his subscription to Rense has been cancelled as they do not agree with the content. They will no longer allow anyone to subscribe via Paypal.

Something is going on behind the scenes to deprive independent news channels of income.
A friend who uses David Ickes forum let me know about Richie's deletion from Youtube.
I sourced Jim Fetzner and Mike Rivero's interviews which were cited as the villains of the peace.

All I can say is, I am almost glad its happened. For me Richie, your deletion is nothing short of your validation and personally it is another nail in Youtubes coffin.

Ive just subscribed to your site and sense that this will only consolidate an mobile the support you already have.

I may not always agree with you and you swear far too much! Nonetheless, you are an incredible human and a shining example to us all. Keep well and let this motivate you even more. You do a fantastic job and I for one salute you bro!!
I was posting your shown on a dedicated thread on my forum using a bot I hand coded.

But in order to post the show now, I would need a direct link to the MP3.
None of the suggested alternatives have the direct link to the MP3, they all hide it with Javascript.


Here is an example of what I want to do, its Bill Cooper's classic Mystery Babylon series. You can see how I embed the Audio.

I am also interested in writing something new, that can take the Richie Allen audio, convert into video, and then upload it as Video... Something to share with other people.
Spotify working on my tablet. Yay! Podomatic seems to only work with apple devices. Boo!
Podmatic is almost 100% Javascript.

Javascript does not work the same across all browsers, podmatic made sure it works in the Big Brother Browser - Google Chrome.
It dont work in various versions of Firefox, for example.

This is why I keep asking for a direct link to the MP3 - The ONLY true cross platform solution.
I have to say, Richie, that after you put up the "Truther Industrial Complex" show, I very nearly swore off listening to you anymore.
The "Truther Industrial Complex" are mostly a bunch of Youtube truth-diggers who were making a hell of a lot LESS money than you were if they were making any at all, and whose channels have been being demonetized and deleted long BEFORE yours was.
I felt that you pretty much shat upon Nick Kollerstrom and Jim Fetzer and especially Ole Dammegard, all of whom I have a huge amount of respect for. None of them are getting rich by doing the work they are doing, but are addicted to digging for the truth no matter what it costs them. And no, they don't have to be right on the scene to dig for and expose anomalies in the mainstream media "official story".
And then there are all the others who you also insulted, whose channels have long been deleted from Youtube, like Robyn of "How I See the World", and Peekay Truth ...  
But now that you too are an underdog deleted from Youtube, I may start listening to you and recommending you again. But not if you ever insult your fellows again, the way you did.
Lloyd, I do get what you are saying but I took it that Richie was having a dig at the people who dive straight in with a theory without proof, rather than the credible alternative media.
It annoys me too when there is so much in fighting between the alternative media as it just plays into the hands of the mainstream who laugh at us saying that we cannot even agree with ourselves what is the truth and it gives more credibility to their theory that we are all mad tin hatters.
Even on this forum we don't all agree with each other on an individual and his or hers theories but we shouldn't bicker over it or ridicule each other, but we should debate it in a professional manner.
I believe that the majority of people in the alternative media want the truth but we have become fragmented and have fallen into the trap of slagging each other off which once again is playing into the hands of the mainstream.
Not everyone in a political party agree with each other but they bind together for their parties cause and that is something that sadly, the alternative media is seriously lacking.
But I do get your point and rather than slating what someone has said, maybe debating it and disproving  it would be the best remedy.
The alternative media must be more united if it is going to have a chance of exposing these crooks.
Please consider putting them on soundcloud as well! Ta.
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