Full Version: Privatisation of Electricity and the Nuclear industry
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Researcher, Dr Kitty Little, who worked at the British Atomic Energy Establishment at Harwell between 1949 and 1958, and has been a major contributor at public inquiries into the nuclear power complexes at Windscale (Sellafield) and Hinkley Point, has put forward reasons for the Elites attack on Nuclear power.

Her research and contacts over more than 50 years led her to believe that the French arm of the House of Rothschild is seeking to monopolise uranium and nuclear power technology, together with the technology for reprocessing spent fuel. Dr Little says they are planning to achieve this monopoly by the time gas and oil supplies are running out. 

In pursuit of this, they have used environmental concerns and political manoeuvring to destroy the coal industry and to stop the development of nuclear power and reprocessing by national governments. They want to hoard the rights to this know-how themselves for when the world is running out of energy. 

The privatisation of the British electricity industry was part of this strategy of controlling energy supplies, Dr Little says. 

Who privatised British electricity and helped to run down the coal industry? Lord Wakeham. 

Who did he work for after he left the government? N.M. Rothschild. 

Who advised the government on the privatisation of electricity, coal, and gas? N.M. Rothschild. 

Who advised the Hanson multinational in its efforts to acquire the privatised Eastern Electricity in August 1995? N.M. Rothschild. 

It is also suggested that  KGB spy Donald Maclean was, in fact, feeding geology reports to Guy Rothschild in France, detailing where resources had been located, including uranium. Maclean had access to these reports in his job at the Foreign Office. According to Dr Little, the Rothschilds now control 80 per cent of world uranium supplies. 
Nuclear Energy is not What you Think by Galen Windsor
(10-25-2018, 01:04 PM)awakened53 Wrote: [ -> ]Nuclear Energy is not What you Think by Galen Windsor

Excellent video Awakened, 

Yet further proof of the massive scams the elites inflict on the masses. Reminds me of another huge scam, where De Beers convince or con everyone into believing that diamonds are very rare, in order to corner the market and hike up the price!

Photographic proof that Hiroshima was not destroyed with an atomic bomb -