Full Version: Lending Jesus 1 cent
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This was an interesting comment I saw by someone the other day, and it stuck in my mind over the next few days

So I tried working it out myself

Imagine you had lent Jesus 1 cent/1 pence back when he was born, and asked him for a measly 1%/year interest on it, today he would owe you 5,202,485
Jesus paid the ultimate price for mankind to give us a free pardon. He owes us nothing, if we don't avail ourselves of his pardon, we can never pay back what we owe. Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, then out of guilt he regretted his actions and went and hung himself. The money was then used to by a field, perhaps you could work out what that field is worth today. I only made this coment because you chose Jesus as the subject.