Full Version: Downtime and new site.
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Hi all,

First of all I'm very sorry for any access issues you might have had. We're having fun with DNS issues right now which means the forums occasionally forget they're connected to us. It's being sorted now but if you get the 500 error please just wait a few minutes and try again, as I've promised before we're definitely NOT taking these forums away from you.

Once the new site is all bedded in we'll do an upgrade in here and then at some point decide whether to use internal forums on the site or continue with these ones. As promised in previous conversations on this we will not be deleting them or taking anything away from you.


Website and downtime

From Admin on Richie's main site...........

Hi all,
I’m really sorry about the downtime recently. As you guys know when it’s a show day things get crazy but since then we’ve been having some other issues to attend to and with the show coming back soon I want to play whack-a-mole while I can. The site may be up and down a little and we may have to change some functionality in the never-ending battle between what we want and resources but we’ll get there. I really appreciate your patience and please be assured if the site is down due to any malicious reasons we’ll definitely find a way to make it known to you.
On another note, I’d like to assure those who have contacted me by various means that Richie is indeed alive and well and working very hard to solve the studio issue which got so terribly out of hand. I’ve witnessed first-hand the frustration and pain it’s caused him to be away from you guys and not doing the show. The only thing I can say is that it’ll all be worth it very soon.
Same problem Sad