Full Version: If there is a Multiverse, full of parallel universes who transends it ?
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I have heard many theories about our universe and its composition. Most of these would be very difficult to prove or disprove for that matter, some are based on Hollywood movies and You tube videos. I would like to present some eyewitness accounts of events which are very difficult to explain naturally.
A family where traveling by car at night on a highway in South Australia. When over the top of the hill they were approaching came a Stock transporting truck, on their side of the road. As there was no time to react and the approaching driver may have fallen asleep,they closed their eyes and prayed in the Holy Spirit. When they opened their eyes again the truck was traveling away directly behind them and there was a strong smell of animals in their car. As all the occupants of the car saw this event happen, it couldn't have been a hallucination. Some how their matter and that of the truck had been changed for them to pass through it.
I myself used to drive Semi Trailers and because I had driven and worked many hours one night I fell asleep at high speed. When I awoke I was in a large clear area, like a parking bay, which gave me time to slow down and to pull up, back on the road side. This time with my heart pounding and wide awake. You might say that was lucky,except that the area it happened in was hilly and tree lined and doesn't have a parking bay for 30 kilometers. Some how my 46 ton Semi was transported elsewhere and then returned to that location,there is no other explanation.
A New Guinea lady I know of, was on a ferry at night, that sank several Kilometers off the shore, with the loss of 140 lives. This lady was a Spirit filled Christian, so she prayed in the Holy Spirit and as she prayed she was able to walk on the water the several Kilometers to the shore. Whenever she stopped praying in tongues she began to sink but as she prayed again she was able to continue towards the shoreline. At the same time her husband who was unaware of the ferry sinking, received in his mind a thought to go down to the beach. As he approached the beach, he witnessed his wife walking on the water to the shore. She said to him, it was like walking in the shallow water even though the water was very deep, were the boat sank. There is a Bible story of not only Jesus but Peter walking on water.
Another New Guinea lady both my wife and myself know very well, confirmed that story and also shared another story. Her child died at birth and was taken from her and placed in the morgue. Our friend continued to cry and to pray for several hours and while she did that, a nurse passed by the morgue and was amazed to hear a baby crying. The nurse happily returned the baby to our friend who praised God and told the nurse the whole story. You may say that the child can't have been dead in the first place. You try and get a baby, with any signs of life away from a grieving mother. No that baby was stone cold dead. My wife and I caught up with this lady at a convention and we saw a perfectly healthy seven year old, miracle boy. New Guinea folk have a simple uncomplicated belief in God, unlike the faithless Western world,thus they witness many more miracles and signs.
In all of these stories the common thread is Jesus. Who can not only change peoples situations in this natural realm but also in the everlasting Spiritual realms. If he won a victory over death and he also came from the eternal dwelling place in the first place. Perhaps he is worth listening to, over the voice of the Devil who was kicked out of that realm.
Before you dismiss these stories as complete fiction. Consider that a large percentage of the current population believe this universe came into being, when a dense nothing, exploded into the amazing universe we see around us. They also believe, all their incredible theoretical  other dimensions are random with no oversight. By the way its only the occasional truck driver in Australia that falls asleep while driving.