Full Version: Former Infowars Staff Say They Were Sexually Harassed & Bullied By Alex Jones
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Not an isolated case.

Aaron & Melisa Dykes
During the second hour of the March 18th 2014 episode of DTRH Aaron Dykes, and Melissa Melton came on the broadcast to discuss the recent harassment they have been experiencing, including having their drinks spiked during a recent group dinner at a restaurant, and having their home broken into.

Why is all of this happening? Tune in to hear what they have to say.

Oh, and his X-Wife says he is a racist pig,

Quote:Kelly Jones
‏ @AlexJones_Ex
16h16 hours ago

Alex Jones has defamed/ harassed me for years. He doesn't get 2 use my distant heritage 2 defend himself from the truth of his racism. Alex Jones is a racist bigot who brags about his relation to a founding member of the Texas KKK. He. Is. Racist.