Full Version: Sarah Westall interviews Richie Allen.
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Awesome interview, best man and woman presenter in one space, can't get better than that!
cheers for the link. On it now.

Great interview that. I wasn't aware of Sarah. Now followed. it's great to hear Richie getting interviewed for a change.

The whole Chinese Big Brother stuff for me is where we are headed once we are installed in the EU for good (Brexit wont happen). Low wage economy, all fully controlled by a politburo of elites who are untouchable. stay in your box. I was surprised to see this on the BBC before Christmas.

This is truly frightening.

Glasgow has these cameras installed too.

If Richie reads this, please note the following quote, "A (Glasgow City Council) press spokesperson claimed that campaigners questioning the contract with NICE were "anti-Jewish". Yip, don't question the installation of a Big Brother system as you are Anti Jewish if you do. All because it comes from Israel. Aye, you couldn't make it up.

I fear for my nation of Scotland. I can slowly see it creeping towards a Police State. The recent minimum pricing for alcohol that's being implemented is the first step. Although good on the surface, for this is the first step in control. They already had the Named Person Scheme rejected after it was deemed "Totalitarian" and its currently about to be defeated with the "Offensive behaviour at football" act where if on a football match day, if someone deems your behaviour to be offensive, then your off to the jail. The question is, what's offensive?

Scotland for me is the guinea pig of Europe. I really do fear for the future.
Just listened to the interview between Richie and Sarah Westall, excellent. Richie and Sarah and James Corbett who Richie mentioned and Sean from SGT Report who Sarah mentioned, both of whom I follow and who are so good at what they do, are the sort of people who should be in our mainstream media not being persecuted by corporations. They do research, cover so many different aspects of our world and care about the truth.

I only discovered Sarah's channel a few months ago and she does great work. Check out her recent interview in two parts with the son of a Democratic politician in California who was used and abused dreadfully. It's a hard listen, I sobbed my eyes out, but it's what is really happening and the world needs to know but isn't being told.

I live in Cork although I'm not originally from here, I'm a Brit, although some of my family came from here a few generations back. I agree with what Richie said in the interview that it is a lovely part of Ireland, definitely worth a visit although not right now as we're snowbound. But there are plans to considerably increase the size of it which would be a huge shame and totally destroy the character. Dave Cullen, who I follow on Minds, has done some very good videos on where Ireland is headed. I always use cash everywhere I shop here and when I visit Britain. The only time I use a card is for the few things I buy online such as flights or hotels. Also I never use self-service in supermarkets or banks. I buy local whenever possible and haven't used Amazon for several years. Jimmy Dore who I follow has done some great videos on why people should not use Amazon.

So agree with Richie about cryptocurrency, cash and maybe gold and silver as part of savings is the way to go. You can't buy food with crypto in a crisis which knocks out technology and electricity. And cash and precious metals can't be tracked.
Great interview with Sarah Richie. But if i may I think a ketogenic diet and some sun or vitamin D supplement might be in order :-)))
was great to see you on 'the tubes' again! also the welcome video on the site now! is that sheet music (moosic!) behind you? do you play piano?