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Am i being too cynical in thinking that the only reason Harry and Meghan have invited 2,600 members of the general public to their wedding is so that we, the public, now pay for the whole thing??

The masses and the press are lapping this up as a benevolent gesture on the part of the royals.  If I'm right, I gotta give it to them.  It's stroke of genius!  We foot the bill  for their lavish event and we LOVE them for it!

Makes you sick doesn't it!
It's good PR, seems like they have been on a charm offensive lately, trying to get the public on side to keep them in their positions

I'm sure we will be footing the security and policing for the event, and whether directly or indirectly the public will be paying for the whole thing too, apart from William doing air ambulance, I don't remember any of the royals doing any real work
Defo much more positive PR in the MSM. The BBC like to slag the DPRK for its fawning of their "Dear leader" yet they continue to parody the DPRK with their reporting of the royal family.

I wont craic any lines about it being a front to allow young Harry's auld man to sneak in... That's out of order.
Well I'm not a supporter of the royal family or of monarchy in general but I may be one of the few people on the planet who thinks that Harry is actually the son of Prince Charles. I saw a picture of Prince Charles when he was a little boy and one of Harry at about the same age and the likeness was stunning.
Would love to see the pic CT.

This is a brilliant wee video.
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