Full Version: Bombed to Death
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Bombed to death

Invasions and air attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have left those countries with ongoing violence and chaos (the currency of control) and destroyed, and ended the lives of millions of civilians. For those who have survived their every day is another horror amid violence, refugee camps or trekking into Europe. 

Only the psychopathic behaviour of leaders in the West like Bush, Obama, Blair, Cameron, Hollande, to name a few, continue. The Project for the New American Century document called for regime change in China. The conflict between the West and Russia/China was the plan and Brzezinski’s chessboard is now clear to see. They have used different excuses to pick off countries on their list to hide the common theme. 

After Afghanistan came Iraq (weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist); Libya (Colonel Gaddhafi is killing his own people); and Syria (President Assad is a tyrant and ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘moderates’ need our help). Gaddhafi and Assad were, like Saddam Hussein, considered friends of the West in other times, but, as Osama bin Laden found out, you are a friend or enemy based only on what the agenda requires to happen. 

Only psychopath leaders in the Western governments and those who control them from the shadows or do their bidding could possibly contemplate doing what they have and show no remorse whatsoever for the death and suffering that stands at their door. These Elites have no empathy and no remorse as they continue to deceive and lie with every spoken word. 

Libya was torn asunder on the grounds that Gaddhafi was using the military against civilians, when in fact he was responding to attacks by well-armed ‘moderate rebels’ trained and funded by the West especially the United States. Defending government targets from Western-instigated ‘moderate rebels’ provided the excuse for Obama and Cameron to lead calls for NATO bombing of Libya cities ‘to protect the people from violence’. What you see is a cynical mind game to move the pieces on the chessboard and terms like ‘extremists’, ‘regime’ and ‘moderates’ are mind control labels and triggers that the politicians use to deceive, ably supported by the mainstream media that compliantly repeats them. 

‘Regime’ = bad guys; ‘moderate = good guys; ‘extremist’ = anyone resisting the criminal Elite cabal. 

Libya was bombed into death and ongoing catastrophe and many of the same ‘moderate rebels’ were then moved on to Syria to do the same to President Assad. The psychopaths expected him to fall just as fast as Gaddafi, but he didn’t and the plan became bogged down as Cameron and Obama failed to win enough political support for air attacks on the Assad regime. 

They have tried everything to justify this and that includes having ‘rebels’ use chemical weapons on civilians which the West tried to blame on Assad, but they have had to settle for bombing in Syria to ‘fight ISIS’. 

Much of the propaganda against Assad quoted by governments and major media with alleged ‘supporting’ casualty figures have come from the seemingly respectable Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This sounds good, but crucially it is the viewpoint of one disaffected man, Syrian dissident and Assad-hater Rami Abdul Rahman working from his home in Coventry, England. What a discredited, biased source on which to base public perception!

Most of the propaganda against the Muslim world comes from an ‘intelligence’ organisation called SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) run out of Washington DC by vehement Zionist Rita Katz who served in the Israeli army. Her father was executed by Saddam Hussein for allegedly spying for Israel. Katz has somehow beaten ‘Islamic terror groups’ to circulating their own videos, some purporting to be from Osama bin Laden. Quite a feat, but funding by the United States government and fundamental connections to Israel and its vicious military intelligence arm Mossad must help. 

IntelCenter, ‘a private contractor working for intelligence agencies’ based near Washington DC, is another media and government source for anti-Islamic propaganda which has been accused of forging videos of Osama bin Laden and others. IntelCenter is headed by Zionist Ben Venzke. 

Propaganda to vilify your targets is not a problem and it is so easy to delude a population that overwhelmingly gets its information from Mainstream Everything. Iran has been labelled a threat to the world when it hasn’t invaded anyone for hundreds of years while the United States is dubbed the peacemaker when surrounding Iran with its military bases.
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