Full Version: Far Left Thugs Antifa - System Servers Out To Destroy Free Speech.
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Cowards, like you say. All of them too thick (or well programmed) to see how they are being used to consolidate the system they claim to oppose. They need to grow up and take off the blinkers, notice how 98% of these idiots are students who think (mistakenly) they have the world sussed out. When they do eventually grow up they'll leave that stupidity behind. in the meantime just ignore them as best you can.
Perfect cannon fodder as some might say, but watch them run for the hills if National Sevice was ever introduced which I think it will if we get a full blown EU army, then they will truly wake up.
During the Trump inauguration, Antifa thugs in their black hoodie sweatshirts where causing damage like they typically do, breaking store front glass, tipping over mail boxes, burning cars. What was different about this episode was a small group of ordinary citizens started a go fund me campaign to identify the hoodlems via social media. They offered a reward for identifying thugs posting and sharing pics of antifa in action. Highlighting facial recognition, sneakers anything unique to the criminal.
I suspect that antifa thugs are nothing more than paid mercenaries.
I remember seeing go fund me shut this campaign down, evidence presented to the police was not acted upon. And journalist armed with nothing but cameras where thrown in jail and are still in jail today.
I definitely encourage everyone, when they witness bad actions, to pull out their phones and record the event. Share it far and wide and demand justice.
No freedom of speech, eh?

I would bet they are paid thugs, but society is now going down this road of "you cannot say that" to anything now.

Its a sick society we live in.
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