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Hollywood Is Dead, Making Films on a Different Frequency with Nick Alveer and Charlie Ward
Raunchy Woke LGBT Movie Featuring Graphic Sex Scenes Bombs at Theaters

A motion picture graphically depicting a gay man’s romantic love life titled, Bros, opened in theaters this weekend to a highly unreceptive U.S. audience.
The movie, billed as a “gay romcom for the masses,” failed to yield even $5 million during its opening weekend despite a barrage of ads and promotional material and a budget of nearly $22 million.
The film’s spectacular rejection at theaters appears to be another testament to the “Get woke, go broke” mantra, and suggests the American public does not want to submit to pro-LGBT propaganda.
“This just means that the public at large had no interest in seeing not only a gay rom com, but one with graphic sex scenes,” writes ShowBiz411 movie critic Roger Friedman.
Evidently failing to understand the situation, Universal President of Distribution Jim Orr attempted to spin the movie’s flop as a success, insisting Bros. will gain a cult following through “word of mouth.”
In a comment to Deadline following release of the box office stats Sunday, Orr stated, “All of us at Universal are incredibly proud of Bros. [Actor] Billy Eichner, [writer, producer] Nick Stoller, and [producer] Judd Apatow have crafted the funniest film of the year, as evidenced by our very enthusiastic audience and critical reaction scores, which will no doubt lead to great word of mouth as Bros continues to find its audience in the coming weeks.”
Friedman isn’t so sure, however, going on to predict failure for another of Universal’s future upcoming gay films, “Spoiler Alert.”
“Once that’s over, this genre may be severely curtailed,” Friedman speculates. “What a disappointment for Billy Eichner and Judd Apatow, but this is an example of Hollywood being insulated from reality even when it has the best of intentions.”

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