Full Version: Significant Health Benefits of MMS / Chlorine Dioxide
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Chlorine Dioxide - The Universal Remedy that Drug Companies Hate -

This is one of the most suppressed stories of all time. It is the story of seemingly miraculous cures of many life-threatening illnesses by a remedy that you can do yourself, has no unwanted side effects, and costs about the same as a haircut. Would you be surprised to learn that the pharmaceutical industry is not anxious for this remedy to be widely known – especially not known for treating symptoms of Covid-19? Would you be shocked to hear medical authorities tell you it is merely laundry bleach that might kill you if you use it? Since you have discovered this video while visiting Red Pill University, your answer most likely is that you would be surprised if it were otherwise. Be forewarned that this documentary is not a high-end Hollywood production but primarily a collection of testimonials by people who have nothing to sell, and nothing to gain. Their motive is simply to share their success stories with the world. Circa 2016 – Source: Genesis II Church of Health and Healing -

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Part 1: Will Chlorine Dioxide Kill You Or Heal You?

How CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution was invented... by Andreas Kalcker (original footage!)

This video describes the history how Andreas together with Roger and Eric developed The CDS a clorite (NaClO2)free Chlorine dioxide solution that is pH neutral , nontoxic and saved thousands of lives from Coronavirus and many other illnesses.
How To Make Chlorine Dioxide Solution From The Raw Ingredients: The Golden Cure

This video shows you how I make chlorine dioxide solution. My special guess is the one making this batch. In fact she is the one that is responsible for saving my Mom’s life. If she did not tell me about chlorine dioxide I would have not known to give my Mom chlorine dioxide. You can see that video on my Rumble Channel.
We are taking over the news and healthcare system because both are more then failures.

Soon people will be running to me for help and it has already began.

The whole world will have no choice but to be awakened with truth.

The truth has been silenced and I have been silenced. You can find truths on Rumble and Telegram. This is also where you can find banned videos. I am only seeing miracles with chlorine dioxide and I am not alone witnessing this. Glory to God!

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100% Effective COVID-19 Cure - Chlorine Dioxide -

Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker is an internationally leading scientist who works with over 5,000 medical doctors in almost 30 nations. He has developed a 100% effective cure for COVID-19 and all its variations. This treatment has lowered the daily death rate in several Latin American nations from 100 deaths a day to virtually none. Cures for covid are hidden because they want to vaccinate you…

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FORBIDDEN CURE - A cure for all diseases -