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I read the post regarding Tommy Robinson with interest, and at times frustration. I've heard the same said on one of the (sadly gone) YouTube achieved shows from a year or so back.
He's a thug and a racist and all round attention seeking loud mouthed imbecile... I thought the same. I knew of him only what the media said, and in this world of opposites, we now know who gets painted how, and so I decided to look into this guy myself a few months back, as what I found surprised me.

Tommy is far from perfect, but I've never met anyone who is, apart from myself. (I jest). But I'm a strong believer in what makes us who we are, in this life, is a combination of nature and nurture/environment.
While this doesn't absolve us from responsibly of our actions, it can and does explain our limitations. Wheelchair users are not going to play for Manchester, the mentally handicapped will not run Google, and the child abuse/drugs/no job/mental health/unprotected sex/unloved babies/child abuse.... cycle is only a cycle because one situation feeds the next. For every 1 Alan sugar who escapes the council estate, a hundred thousand don't.
But whatever limitations and bad start tommy certainly had, does that loutish behaviour as a teenager as early 20s preclude him from reforming and making a more positive contribution to society?
Because we like to think of ourselves as an enlightened lot, must we condemn the actions of those who are fighting their battle, simply because they didn't transcend the checkerboard duality division (purposely cast into the masses) as gracefully as we did?
It is difficult to image an upbringing, where things were good, then some new faces show up, different hats, you see your mates beat up vastly outnumbered, your girl friends spat on, raped, and then the police confiding to you "what do you expect us to do Tommy, our hands are tied".
So while the intelligent may well grab our degrees and run, the working class don't always have the option, although tommy ran his own business employing a handful of others, he spoke out.
I saw a clip where someone accuses him to his face of being racist, and Tommy asks in return "ok, name ones thing I ever said? "
I heard this tactic before, so I began looking, and I defy anyone to find a solitary clip of racial slur or behaviour from him. I couldn't, and I tried.
Tommy also made a video, have a year old now, where he describes the situation being deliberately orchestrated by the leadership of the county, the EU, and illegal wars. He claims this is why he was kept in solitary for 3-4 months straight or whatever, by swapping his jail every 28 days, to get around the 4 week solitary limit..
What did he do to piss the system off so much I wonder?
To be honest, I find him the average bloke who saw his community over run, terrorised, abused and zero support from anyone in power. He has tried to raise awareness, in the at he knows, and because he isn't refined in his approach, he's vilified.
I live in an area with very little immigration, begging half German, I'm the foreigner round here. I also visited Germany 3-4 times a year for 30 yards, since being a baby. The place I once knew changed very fast 3-4 years ago, and I stopped going back. It's one thing seeing new faces in town with different hats - it's another when they can steal and assault with impunity, and police unable to deal. In Germany, a policeman I know said it's worse than they let on, they are catching some criminals several times a week, and are ordered to let them go after printing them. It's easy to say those against this are racists, but really, are they? Even the less elegant folk, the same concerns, just a limited vocabulary?
"Awakening" is done one step at a time - sometimes immigration where 55 immigrants out of 1million arrivals get a job a year on, is the first step some take, to uncovering the ultimate conspiracy of them all-the matrix.

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