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Have a look at Pfizer’s data that they wanted hidden for 55 years. It’s horrendous. No wonder they didn’t want any liability.
Deaths by vaccination status, England - 

…vaccinated people 60 and younger are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people ..
FDA Asks Federal Judge for 55 Years to Complete FOIA Request for Pfizer Vaccine Information -

The Food and Drug Administration is asking a federal court to allow it to take nearly 55 years to release data on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to the public.
The agency said in a court filing Monday that in order to complete a Freedom of Information Act request for data and information on the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, it will need to process 329,000 pages of documents and can only do so at a rate of 500 pages per month. At that rate, the information requested will not be fully released until the year 2076.

The FOIA request was submitted to the FDA in August by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, a group of more than 30 international public health professionals, medical professionals, scientists, and journalists that “exist solely to obtain and disseminate the data relied upon by the FDA to license COVID-19 vaccines.” The group includes academics and medical experts from Yale, Harvard Medical School, and UCLA; alumni from the Trump administration; and prominent health experts from around the world…
Pfizer smoking-gun secret document: their deadly COVID vaccine -

CORRECTION: After publishing this article, I discovered that the gigantic Pfizer list of medical conditions was apparently not a report on logged cases of adverse events, but instead a complete list of conditions that Pfizer would be monitoring, in order to see whether they popped up on their radar as reactions to the COVID vaccine.

Why would Pfizer publish this extraordinary list? Because as they state, these medical conditions have been associated with severe COVID-19 “and vaccines in general.” In other words, vaccines in general, historically, have carried enormous risk and dangers over an incredibly wide area of medical conditions. This is a key confession.

Further, if you read the full secret Pfizer document, you will come to Table 7, which does list a number of categories of adverse reactions, all of which WERE reported in the first three months of the Pfizer vaccine rollout. This IS stunning…
Pfizer concedes large number of adverse jab events -

[b] [/b]
  • Document released by Pfizer apparently as a result of a Freedom Of Information court order in the USA reveals a vast array of previously unknown vaccine adverse effects compiled from official sources around the world.

  • Pfizer concedes this is ‘a large increase’ in adverse event reports and that even this huge volume is under reported.

  • Over 100+ diseases are listed, many very serious.

  • This document was compiled by Pfizer in the very early days of the vaccine rollout in NZ but was possibly not supplied to our government.

  • We examine the implications for government.
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This is great to see. Let’s hope to God that this court isn’t as corrupt and compromised as all others and that some rightful justice can finally be found…


UK team file complaint of crimes against humanity -

... with the International Criminal Court

A complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people alleging crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the peoples of the UK.

In a week where even some of the most compliant of all measures “COVID”, we can observe that people in the UK have perhaps reached a point after 21 months of nonsensical rules where they are saying enough is enough.

Thankfully we have a team from the UK fighting for justice on the behalf of us all, who believe that:

“The seriousness and extent of the crimes committed in the United Kingdom, highlighted by the scope of people that these crimes affect, that these crimes continue to be committed, the wide range of perpetrators, the recurring patterns of criminality and the limited prospects for accountability at the national level, all weigh heavily in favour of an investigation” .
The news of the legal complaint has come at a good time for many (source)
Reinfection With Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2: What Goes Around May Come Back Around -

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection has spread around the world, causing the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. In less than a year since its emergence in December 2019, >32 million cases have been detected worldwide and, as of this writing, COVID-19 has resulted in >1 000 000 deaths [1]. Multitudes have recovered from COVID-19, but it has been uncertain whether they are immune to being reinfected with SARS-CoV-2 or, if not, whether the disease course during a second episode would be mitigated, similar, or worse than the first infection. As reports of reinfection begin to appear [2–5], including a person in South Korea described by Lee and colleagues in this issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases [6], and other individuals around the world (Table 1), what are the implications for our understanding of immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and the prospects for a COVID-19 vaccine?
Telegram Post -

Government have just deleted this off gov site. I can see why. It shows MHRA are completely aware of Pfizer's dangers and have sat back and done nothing. Justice is coming in the new year
20 facts about vaccination your doctor forgot to tell you -

Read this if you want to know more about vaccines than your doctor, practise nurse and health visitor.
  1. The US Health Department’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme has shown that between 2,500 and 3,000 children are killed or injured each year by vaccines.

  2. The US Government has paid vaccine damage compensation to the parents of autistic children.

  3. The Japanese Government has halted part of its vaccination programme because of children dying.

  4. In the UK, GPs receive massive payments for giving vaccinations. And bonus payments if they vaccinate enough patients. Doctors get very rich out of vaccine programmes.

  5. Vaccines are now given to eight week old babies, though there is absolutely no long-term scientific evidence available to show that it is safe to do so. By the time they reach their second birthday small children will have received over a score of vaccinations. American children will have received even more. The vaccine industry is forever looking for new vaccines to give.

  6. You will find a full list of the research work done to investigate the safety or otherwise of mass vaccination programmes on the palm of your left hand.

  7. The diphtheria vaccine was first introduced in Germany. After the vaccine was introduced the number of cases of diphtheria steadily increased.

  8. The number of deaths from whooping cough had fallen long before the vaccine was introduced. The vaccine has not reduced the incidence of the disease.

  9. The flu vaccine is, inevitably, designed to deal with last year’s flu virus.

  10. I have never met a doctor who has regular flu jabs (or any other jabs for that matter).

  11. In the past, a flu vaccine contained different strains of flu virus (propagated in chicken embryos); formaldehyde (a preservative); polyethylene glycol; gelatin (made from cow’s bones) and a substance which contains mercury. The odd thing is that the EU has banned barometers containing mercury because they are thought to be dangerous. But doctors inject the stuff into people.

  12. The polio vaccine did not ‘kill off’ polio. On the contrary, the vaccine resulted in more sufferers. In Tennessee, in the US, the number of polio victims before vaccination became compulsory was 119. The year after vaccination was introduced, the figure rose to 386. Similar figures for other American states. Polio became less common as a result of better sanitation and cleaner water supplies. The vaccination had no useful effect.

  13. Dr Jenner is widely acclaimed as the ‘inventor’ of vaccine. But it is not so well known that when he tried the first smallpox vaccine on his 10 month son, the boy became mentally retarded and died at the age of 21. Jenner refused to have his second child vaccinated. However, the medical profession saw the commercial possibilities and vaccination became popular (if deadly).

  14. When Louis XV contracted smallpox he survived because his nurse hid him from the doctors whose vaccines had killed his father and brother.

  15. Even though TB is now a major problem, many countries have abandoned the TB vaccine because it simply doesn’t work. Indeed, the evidence suggests that the vaccine spreads the disease.

  16. The risk of a child given the whooping cough vaccine developing brain damage is officially said to be 1 in 100,000. But that’s the ‘best’ figure. Other research shows that the risk is as high as 1 in 6,000. There is no doubt that the vaccine causes far more harm than the disease and there is clear evidence linking the vaccine to brain damage.

  17. Vaccines are dangerous and they don’t always work. Up to half of the people given a vaccine jab do not develop a resistance to the disease concerned.

  18. Drug companies now publish long lists of reasons for not vaccinating patients. Doctors rarely look at the lists, let alone take any notice. For example, for one vaccine the advice is that babies who cry persistently or develop a fever should not be given another jab. No one knows how much damage is caused by giving several vaccines in a single vaccine cocktail.

  19. The French Government abandoned its hepatitis B vaccine programme for children after more than 15,000 lawsuits were filed for brain damage and other serious health problems.

  20. In the US a group of paediatricians with 30,000 young patients do not vaccinate at all. They have no cases of autism in their practice.
Why Did US Deaths Shoot up 40 Percent Above Normal Last Year?

Alarming even insurance companies, something has driven the death rate up 40 percent among working Americans within a one-year period, and it’s not COVID-19.
As we’ve seen over the past two years, data and statistics can be manipulated and skewed in a wide variety of ways.
One of the most reliable data points we have is all-cause mortality. It’s very hard to massage that statistic, as people are either dead or they’re not. Their inclusion in the national death index database is based on one primary criteria—they’ve died—regardless of the cause.
From there, their cause of death, as identified on their death certificate, is added in to more granular statistics, such as the number of people who died from cancer and heart disease in any given year, for example. But while the cause of any given death can be manipulated and altered, the fact that there was a death is more certain. What’s more, death rates tend to be very stable.
Quote:“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business … death rates are up 40 percent over what they were prepandemic.” ~ Scott Davidson, CEO of OneAmerica
As noted in a (not peer-reviewed) study led by scientist Denis Rancourt, who looked at U.S. mortality between March 2020 and October 2021, “All-cause mortality by time is the most reliable data for detecting true catastrophic events causing death, and for gauging the population-level impact of any surge in deaths from any cause.”
Read more: Why Did US Deaths Shoot up 40 Percent Above Normal Last Year?
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