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It is sad day for the UK as the first nail in the coffin for freedom of the press  has been hammered home.  RT has released a statement as even they now believe their licence will be revoked by ofcom.

The assault on dessenting voices has truly picked up apace.

At least the website will still be available or where will we get "Real" news on Syria??
Sadly not the first nail Justin. Press TV was taken off air 2 or 3 years ago. OFCOM I think it was attacked UK Column several years ago and of course Richie's youtube channel. We'd better get used to this now as it's a full on attack on these shows
This was always going to be the case, what I recommend is to cease fighting those who should not be in power today and begin re-training each other to fend for ourselves, if we do this we will be able to fend off the corporate cronies by producing and doing as much for ourselves.

We mostly turned the blind eye and did very little to help the right people help our plight, so its partly our own fault, sorry but it is.

Spend less time worrying about who is taking what from who and begin giving to ourselves and those who truly want to help themselves, because as the parisimoniousness of the paradigm is taken to breaking point, we will have all the knowledge of who did what, but not how to get the things done.

My message gas always been pretty clear, we need to start gaining as many life skills as possible because once the global slavery market is exhausted it will be our turn once again, if we loose our hand to eye coordination what else will we be able to do with them, I will tell you, fight each other for the spoils that we will be given, we would be far better of making our way forward than fighting our way out of a hole which is wider at the bottom than it is at the top.

Ramble over for now.