Full Version: Warmonger, Zionist puppet and Drunkard
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As the media is currently propagating the myth of Churchill and his so called 'Darkest Hour' I was wondering whether forum members consider him to be worthy of the often given moniker of 'Our Greatest Briton'?
I dont.......and heres my top three:
1: Isambard Kingdom Brunel
2: John Harrison
3: Captain James Cook
I am from that great country of honesty & truth, the U.S.
Churchill? No
But like every where, we only are finding out about these schmucks after they are dead, or if we know the filth & corruption while they live, they are protected.
If we made a list of just U.K. & U.S. filthy politicians, business leaders, who should be under the jail house, it would be a very long one,indeed!
Last year, I bought a Hillary for prison 2016, (oops now almost 2) yard sign, hat & bumper sticker. My yard sign is still out, with 2016,17,18 on it. I may run out of space before we ever see her prosecuted.
When Churchill became Prime Minister, the very evening he took over the reins of the British Empire on May 11th 1940, the policy of bombing civilian targets began.

The Churchill family has links with the Rothschilds (Comm 300). Winston’s father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was funded by the House of Rothschild while he was British Chancellor of the Exchequer in the mid 1800s and his closest friend was Nathaniel Rothschild. When Randolph Churchill died, he was in debt to the Rothschilds to the tune of some £65,000. Winston, too, was in debt to them and he was a good friend of Lord Victor Rothschild and the Rothschild’s arch manipulator in America, Bernard Baruch.

The names of Rothschild and Churchill continue to crop up together today. In 1995, some of Churchill’s papers and speeches were controversially sold by his family to the National Heritage Memorial Fund for £12,500,000, thanks to money acquired from the National Lottery. The Chairman of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, which agreed to buy the papers for such a large sum, is Lord Jacob Rothschild.

Also important were Churchill’s close links with Bernard Baruch and the elite family known as the Cecils. Indeed they controlled him to a large extent. The Cecils have longtime connections with the networks set up by another elite front, the Jesuits, and to other families in the European elite like the Habsburgs and the Black Nobility of Italy.

Churchill knew exactly what he was doing. Within a fortnight of walking into 10 Downing Street, Churchill was using the infamous ‘Regulation 18b’ to imprison hundreds of British people who opposed the war or pointed out that it was being engineered by a secret force.

This approach must be noted in any guide to freedom. It is one thing to use propaganda to feed public opinion a particular line, but if you are a manipulator, you also need to stop anyone who is voicing alternative information. What the British administration did was to use Regulation 18b to imprison –without trial, those who sought to reveal who was really creating the war, and to justify this in the public mind with press claims of a subversive ‘Fifth Column’ at work in Britain, in support of Hitler.

Regulation 18b had been introduced before the war in response to bombings in London which had been blamed on the IRA. It conveniently allowed people to be imprisoned purely on ‘suspicion’. There was no need for the State to prove anything and this law was another case of: create the ‘problem’ (the London bombings blamed on the IRA) and then offer the ‘solution’: a regulation that gives you the power to arrest and imprison whomever you like, whenever you like, during the war you already know is coming.

One lady, a Mrs Nicholson, the wife of a distinguished admiral, was arrested, tried, and acquitted on all counts of being involved in a ‘Fifth Column’. As she left the court, cleared of all charges by a judge and jury, she was arrested under Regulation 18b and imprisoned for several years. This was happening in a country, under Churchill, that was supposed to be fighting for freedom! Who was the British intelligence officer in charge of the prosecutions under Regulation 18b? Lord Victor Rothschild, the friend and manipulator, of Churchill. Rothschild controlled the intelligence operative who was officially in charge of 18b, Maxwell Knight.....