Full Version: No One Is 100% Straight - Says Barking Mad Scientist With Silly Name
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racy title (as this is not a new idea) but enjoyed the article!
I have to laugh loudly at the concept of gender fluid. It is so contrived. Gender is not determined by society but determined by biology. It is really simple to grasp to. Born with a willy you're a boy, born with a vagina you're a girl. Boom done! No need for a discussion let alone a contrived study with questionable findings.

I watched the Red Pill recently which is a brilliant documentary. In it is made implicitly clear that extreme feminism which has taken hold in western governments is fascist as it wants to shut down debate. It seems to me that gender fluidity and other extreme aspects of LGBT and whatever other letters of the alphabet apply are cut from the same cloth.
well, if you say 'no need for discussion', you're shutting down debate. just because it doesn't effect you (or is beyond your ken) doesn't mean it's not real for some.

i support people fighting for civil rights and for decent treatment in everyday social life. i do find it weird (suspicious, really) how much attention it's suddenly getting though, considering the relatively small numbers affected. and if the numbers really are increasing that quickly, seems like something has to be up with the cause of that, too.

if i weren't in a political news gathering period, i doubt i'd even be aware of any of this stuff. i have only once in offline life ever heard anyone discussing fluid sexuality, for example. & it was like they were speaking a foreign language. i peeked at their face (cos they were talking to someone else) and it was a young, college-age kid.

it also took me years to confirm with someone what cis- actually meant, after i'd been seeing it online for ages. i felt bad about not keeping up with the lingo, but honestly most people don't expect you to know these things or even use these terms themselves in everyday life. the internet is a very different, heightened social environment in some ways.

i can kind of see how a lot of it's grown out of academic discussions of the type people were having years ago...

they're always trying to be ever more precise and specific (and inclusive) - about all things - but don't think much about talking to people outside academia. i noticed that real quick after i finished school. could never shove myself fully back into that mindset despite being pretty intellectual at the time. you just get sick of it and impatient. there's too many other stressors to worry about (like survival). point being, not everything needs to be categorized and labelled and legalised. but if you want to do that, go ahead; it's a niche, intellectual/academic approach to life and on a fine line near pretentiousness. but i'm amazed how much traction this whole constellation of issues gets in the press and in legal areas these days.

tbh, i was stunned that gay marriage finally came into official existence. i'd always supported that, but usually more generations have to fight and die frustrated before these things come to pass.

so, in some ways, the attention and rapid pace are no bad thing, but if you've followed any other civil rights movements for minority demographics, it's definitely not how things usually go. kind has an aura of if it's too good to be true about it... because there's few other indications people are more sensitive or accepting these days. lol things seem to be going a bit backwards in other areas. there's a lot of backlashes going on these days. there definitely seems to be some kind of hidden hand agenda behind it all.