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Here on we are dedicated to the free flow of information and believe our members should be able to discuss any opinion without being attacked or censored. However we do have rules and by using these forums you agree to the following:

1) DOXXING: Any user doxxing another member will be banned without warning. Doxxing involves revealing the personal information of another member without their permission. This includes any information freely available elsewhere on the Internet (you should not link to this information for the purposes of doxxing either).  If personal information has been posted on these forums by the user concerned then you are free to reference that information.

2) FLAMING: We are all adults here and there are plenty of websites where you can go to do little more than insult one another. We want debate and discussion, not flame wars. Any user regularly flaming others (whether simply to insult them or as a means of shutting down debate) will be warned which could lead to a ban if enough warning points are accrued.

3) BIGOTRY / RACISM: Bigotry and racism will not be tolerated on our forums. We do have to point out, however, that no religion, ideology, or belief will be protected from discussion or criticism. This means anyone criticising - for example - the state of Israel, Islam, or similar is not necessarily being a racist and we will roundly ignore catch all complaints of that nature. By the same token we take a dim view of "The joos" type nonsense which is best left to others. If your "criticism" falls over the line into bigotry or racism you will receive a warning. Be adults, discuss intelligently.

4) PRIVATE MESSAGES: Private messages are just that, private. Please do not post the content of private messages on the forums. If you believe you have received a private message which warrants the attention of the staff just contact a mod or admin (the Team link above will get you to one of us) and we will discuss it with you.

5) ILLEGAL AND ADULT MEDIA: Anyone posting illegal media (including, but not limited to, child pornography, slander, animal pornography) will have their accounts removed and may have whatever information we have shared with the relevant local authority. Please avoid posting anything pornographic or ultra-graphic. If you need to share graphic media to illustrate a point please do so via a link with a well worded disclaimer clearly outlining the contents.


The Team.

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