Full Version: Interview with Andrea Davison
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I was so glad to hear Andrea Davison, mention Melanie Shaw in the interview on 1/23.  since her most recent arrest, she has been moved several times. The majority of her imprisonment in solitary confinement, with little to no contact with anyone. She has been denied at times basic medical treatment, toiletries, etc. I think she has been in prison for 18 months, at present.
I believe as Andrea stated, that Melanie Shaw knows where the dirt is & on who. If she were to be released & heard in a real court of law, many heads would roll, as the saying goes.
But as Andrea stressed in her interview with Richie, the pedophile net work is very deep. Very well funded, and is everywhere. David Icke was the first to expose Ted Heath.
In the U.S. we had another glimpse, with Pizza gate. Prior to that was the Franklin cover up. David McGowan has a very good book, if interested, called Programmed to Kill, The Politics Of Serial Murder. 
Also Andrea explained the T.I.( targeted individuals) like Dr. Katherine Horton, also in the Richie Allen archives. To get updated on her, if interested, Romala D Reports on YT.
David has a dot connector report, Andrea Davison's interview connects a few more.