Full Version: Anyone fancy a human burger
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Professional atheist Richard Dawkins continues to push the envelope against a God-deluded world, proposing that cultivating and eating human “meat” might help society overcome its “taboo” against cannibalism.

Commenting on an article from the UK’s Independent newspaper, which touts the benefits of lab-grown “clean meat,” Dawkins tweeted earlier this month that perhaps something similar could be done with human flesh, which would assist western culture in shedding yet another irrational remnant of its Judeo-Christian roots.
Dawkins said that eating lab-grown human meat would provide an “interesting test case for consequentialist morality versus ‘yuck reaction’ absolutism,” which keeps people from doing things just because they seem morally repugnant.

The new fast food chain could be called Mandonalds.
(03-19-2018, 03:23 PM)Steve Wrote: [ -> ]this is shocking, if true -

They have been feeding animals to animals forever, viewer discression is definately needed for this next film.

Soylet animal.

This is where much of our pet food comes from.
Brings a whole new meaning to having a BigMac