Full Version: The Presidents Club Hostesses Are Not Victims. They're An Embarrassment To Women.
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The company that hired Ms. Marriage, I think is called Artista. U.K. Column showed their website 1/24. The front is a photo of the lower 1/2 of women, wearing short, shorts, ragged jeans, rather sexy I thought.
So if this "reporter" is trying to act surprised, by what the party was all about, I say no, entrapment sounds more like the truth of it.
Back in my younger days, I bar tended for private parties & events. What did I wear? Not Granny's frumpy old sweater. I showed of my assets, you could say, because I wanted that tip jar full.
Richie made a good point, about women who attend the male strip shows. They are completely out of control, almost to a frenzy some of them. Would some of those former dancers, like to come forward & get some restitution?
As for those charities that returned the money, shame on you. You took it before.
There are all kinds of ways to make money for charity. Perhaps we should only have bake sales, rummage sales, and church suppers. Wonder if Ms. Marriage can cook?
Crazy times.
Absolutely it’s an embarrassment to women that these hostesses ended up as ‘poor little victims’. Bullshit. I just posted this on Twitter: 

“I once lived near a red light district in Liverpool. To get to the bus stop I had to run the gauntlet of “are you open for business love?” I just told them in no uncertain terms to fuck off. I was 15 & it pissed me right off but I dealt with it’

The point being that even though I was only 15 I KNEW what was going on as did those ladies who were paid well & told what knickers to wear.  A bit of a no-brainer there then. And why did the FT go undercover in the first place? No surprise there either. You couldn’t make I to up!
The woman in the clip Richie played last night said quite clearly that she had heard that this type of behaviour went on and decided to go to experience it first hand. Clear entrapment! She attended with a clear agenda.
The Presidents Club and the Charities should have simply told the press to grow up, and that this is how normal adults behave. Just because journalists are immature it doesn't mean that everyone else has to be.