Full Version: RIP Brexit - June 23rd 2016 - March 19th 2018. It Was Nice Knowing You.
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Richie you and others were right all along. The transition period is designed to last through another general election. I truly believe now that Brexit will not be happening.
It sickens me to the core that these criminals can do this. The illusion of democracy...
Just another nail in the coffin for these pedos that run the establishment...I hope that they rot in hell one day.
Those who are helping the rot to metastesize are already in position or waiting to install themselves, this was the same model before the Red Revolution began in Russia.
Today we have a collection of Sectors already allocated, split and evaluated, the information is right in our faces and we cannot see it, this has to be in place before the final movement is made.
It is something to do with the Post Code Lottery, each post code region are those sectors, even their own parafinalia says so, these sectors if you go and read their data were always open for private corporations, this tells us we are being sold off to the highest bidders and each area has a differing rate at which they can pre-tax the population in those sectors.
Its already in place and has been since Digital Day when the new currency or metrification was instituted to bring the rest of Europe into line with us here in the UK.

But do not believe me, go and look for yourself.