Full Version: Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
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I have been doing a little research of late on the subject of communications wifi etc and have come up with the following.

What we see above is using light for the transmition of data, its a bit like fibre optics(Cable) but here they are using visible light to carry the data aong the existing wiring, see the video below.

Up to date version, LiFi,

This is done via the electricity grid itself the same way as those early baby alarms used the mainframe, and could also be used down the street in a neighbours house, which used the local area grid or circuit to carry the sound modulation which is transmitted by the base station and converted by the reciever station, same as the early internet which did the same using PLC.

But here is where it gets interesting.

If the SIM-OFDM system explained in the TED talk can transmit data via the light spectum and be gathered by a lens on the reciever/mobile phone, so could there be a route via the human eye to the brain, now jump forward to the film 1984, where Winston reports every day to the screen to report to the hole on the Wall/TV, just imagine what this tech could be used for if they were able to match it to the brain frequency, or fit a brain chip they might be able to tap into the matrix and download everything your thinking and have done that day.

Job Done 1984-2020.