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Have you or someone you love been injured by the COVID-19 Vaccine?  You may be entitled to reclaim your health by following D.S.M.P.'s Jab Remediation Protocols based on the field research of nurses and medical doctors.

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Covid Vaccine Injury Treatment: Fasting for 48-72 Hours Creates Autophagy

The Body's Detox Process That Kills COVID-19 Vaccine Spike Protein Damaged Cells and Reboots the Immune System

What is the literature on fasting & COVID-19 vax injuries? 

The benefits of fasting on COVID-19 vaccine injuries, are now being looked at seriously in the scientific literature with a number of new papers coming out:
COVID-19 Spike protein damage: 
  • Spike protein creates blood clots, damages blood vessel walls and causes inflammation 

  • Spike protein damages mitochondria (causes decreased energy production, accumulation of reactive oxygen species)

  • Spike protein blocks damaged mitochondria from being cleared by the body 

  • Spike protein creates aggregates of abnormal proteins

  • spike protein fragments can produce amyloid proteins (click here)

  • spike protein destroys gut microbiome (click here)

  • spike protein causes severe immune system dysfunction, which can lead to autoimmune diseases and cancer (click here)
  • autophagy is the body’s way of removing abnormal proteins, damaged cellular components, damaged cells.

  • autophagy is stimulated by fasting, heat therapy (sauna), ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • autophagy is also stimulated by: coffee, resveratrol, turmeric, metformin
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There are two main categories of fasting:
  • prolonged fasting (lasting for at least 36 hours)

  • intermittent fasting (shorter fasting periods of 12 to 24 hours)
There are several goals of prolonged fasting:
  • remove as much spike protein from the body as possible via autophagy of cells that express the spike protein

  • remove spike protein aggregates, amyloid proteins, prions, other abnormal or misfolded proteins that can cause disease

  • reboot the immune system and produce new immune cells

  • improve gut microbiome

  • improve mitochondrial health and function, create new mitochondria

  • stimulate stem cell production
Benefits of Fasting over a 72 hour period explained step by step (Dr. Jin W. Sung):