Full Version: BBC's "House of Saud"
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Did anyone watch the BBC's "House of Saud"?  Was it not fascinating, and very refreshing for that matter hearing the BBC departing from the usual government narrative? The programme explored the Saudi Royal family financing every flavour of jihad in existence, from the war in Kosovo in the 90's to Syria which also extended to the financing of ISIS.

There is nothing in there that followers of Richie and David Icke don't already know, but the change in narrative by the UK state broadcaster is surprising to me. I think this has something to do with The west losing the battle in Syria and looking for an exit strategy to feed to the masses.  " It was Saudi Arabia wot done it!!"

The programme further explored the level of complete and utter corruption with every single Saudi official from the King himself  down to the lowly office clerk, this corruption known and facilitated by the UK and the USA who paid billions in bribes to Saudi princes for arm deals.  I thought that should be the other way around ..... shouldn't they be paying brides to us for access to more weapons? 

It was a very interesting piece of propaganda by the UK state propaganda broadcaster.
Hi Justin, although I haven’t watched the House of Saud, the British government clearly have something to hide!
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