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Sept 2008 to Jan 2013 5 seasons

Fringe noun 1. A decorative border or edging of hanging threads, cords or strips, often attached to a separate band. 2. Hair combed over the forehead and cut near eyebrow level. 3. Anything placed or growing along an edge. 4. A marginal or peripheral part; an edge: the fringes of the crowd. 5. Artistic activities that are considered to lie outside the mainstream or that are deliberately unconventional or uncommercial. Also used adjectivally: fringe theater. 6. Those members of a group or political party holding extreme views. 7. Optics. Any of the light or dark bands produced by the diffraction or interference of light. [transitive verb: fringed, fringing, fringes]
Yes, my children: Science-fiction movies and TV series are documentaries; hinting at and just outright showing technologies, events, places and worlds, entities and fringe phenomena that exist.

Fringe (series) Sept 2008 to Jan 2013 5 seasons, 100 Episodes (1 hour) starring Anna Torv as Agent Olivia/Olive, John Noble as not-so-mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop, Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop, and Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek’s Spock) as William Bell, owner of the world’s largest Tech Firm ‘Massive Dynamic’. Dr. Bishop and Bell were business and fringe science partners decades ago. The Fringe Division of the FBI in Boston uses fringe science to investigate a series of unexplained occurrences related to mysteries surrounding a parallel universe.

Throughout Fringe a group of observers (like in the Matt Damon movie The Adjustment Bureau) watch, but purposely try not interfere (except by Divine decree) with the world, thus honoring the 11th of the 18 Laws of Creation (non-interference or free will).

Wikipedia: The series has been described as a hybrid fantasy, influenced by films like ‘Altered States’ and TV shows like The Twilight Zone, The X-Files and the Outer Limits.

From Why I Loved Fringe « James Brettschneider’s Website :

Let me begin with much praise. The writing is intelligent, the story lines are captivating and the production is exceptional. There’s suspense, action, well-timed comedy, and deeper meaning to what’s going on. J.J. Abrams, Jeff Pinkner, and J. H. Wyman did a great job. The entire cast is fantastic. John Noble’s portrayal of Walter Bishop is one of the best performances I’ve seen anywhere. Anna Torv is a very underrated actress who showed superb ability in her depiction of FBI agent Olivia Dunham. Joshua Jackson really broke free of earlier teen roles and had a great range of emotion. Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, and Blair Brown were all superb. Even the smaller roles were well done.

Writer’s comments: ‘Fringe‘ has great acting, and advanced special effects which weren’t available to the 1960’s Twilight Zone series. I have cut my TV time substantially, but this last Northern Ontario winter was a long hard one and I admit that ‘Fringe’ helped me with the snow-locked boredom. CONTENT CAUTION: Contains many let’s say ‘disgusting’ scenes. Not for the weak of stomach or mind.
Fringe explores parallel universes and alternate timelines and these phenomena listed at the beginning of episodes:

astral projection
remote viewing
suspended animation
hive mind
Psychokinetic participation
Angelic protection
Quantum recognition
parallel astrology
neural networks
parallel dimensions
Philosopher’s stone
ethereal plane
time paradox
cold fusion
invisibility (has 5 i’s)
laser surgery
virtual reality
genetic engineering
stealth technology

Fringe Pilot 2008 An unlikely trio uncover a deadly mystery involving a series of unbelievable events.

Olivia Dunham to Peter: Your Father, Walter, worked out of Harvard, part of a classified US Army experimental program called Kelvin Genetics. They gave him the resources to work in an area called Fringe Science. Things like mind control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, reanimation.

The pilot has a pilot flying Flight 627 (33 x 19) in a storm, in a parallel to an old Twilight Zone episode.

Peter: Genetically, humans and cows are separated by only a few lines of DNA.

Agent in charge Broyles (Lance Reddick = 5 star acting; excellent portrayal as in link ‘1.01 Scene’ below): 
You’ve done some solid work here, getting Dr. Bishop out of the psycho ward. Come work for me. They’re calling these events a pattern. As if someone out there is experimenting except the whole world is their lab. This is a more important job. Anything, anybody you need, you can have.

Fringe Episode 1.01 Scene – Come Work for Me – YouTube 2 min 40 sec

Fringe Trailer 1 – YouTube 3 min 25 sec