Full Version: Corbyn Capitulates To UK's Zionist Lobby In Major Blow To Free Speech
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Has anyone ever heard of the term Quietism, this is the best tool against those who would use our thought procees and then bend the spoken word to suit their agenda, so, what needs to be done is keep our words to ourselves but let the actions of our thoughts speak for themselves, cease working with those who are creating mayhem by cleverly twisting our words in their direction, let them be to fend for themselves, remove the very amunition they rely upon and simply walk away in silence, what they do not hear cannot be used to qieten an already determined outcome.

Make our thought our own, by not following their agenda.

An example, where if you do not use specific terms they cannot use their spoken words against you.
The more we talk about this the more amunition it will give those who are feeding from the negative energy they put into place, from the majority who fall for one of the oldest tricks in their book of words.
Article by Gilad Atzmon on David Icke website
Good article by Jewish author Joseph Finlay