Full Version: Jewish Leader Tells BBC: "Wherever They Go, Jews Are Told Rothschilds Run The World!"
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The Rothschilds or any other corporate most definately do not run the world pe rsay, the populace do this, but they do own most of the natural resorces or on paper at least, but they have got this through controlling and manipulating the law and those who have come to rely on their money, with religion and guile coming a close second.
One other advantage is their system knows exatly how we think because especially today, their system was a masonic schooling system, which enables them to stagnate the global mind set, to very fin tollerances indeed and prevent every mind from working at its optimum, and are always on catch up, JOB.
Removing the control of the money system on its own would not enable a complete healing process, because there are so many other instituted helpers who stand to loose the greater part of the easy purse and wold instantly rebel at the slightest sign of loosing their unfair advantages, Celente and his saying, when people loose everything they truly loose it, those who see the way out and begin cutting their physical labour from the true energy market can only do so if they have another way of doing things for themselves and each other, as we are this model is non existant, we are too de-skilled and be-maddened to make anything happen quickly enough without it being an every man for himself situation.

The surest way to regain composure is by slowly reorganizing our own energy to be used for the host itself, this the elite did exactly the opposite to get things this way, would find very hard to control if this happened slowly but surely, bar wiping out the majority without loosing the control of the brutalizing classes, IE, police and military, these entities could help if they also began refusing to kill any further, but its only one of the many factions.

What we are living within is a huge slavery program where the people actually enslave themselves without realizing it, once this model comes into view only then can the healing begin in earnest, the bulk of the able bodied need to want to do something about it but it would be almost impossible to achieve due to the amount of elderly and unwary in tow who would need help also.

An unorganized mass non compliance would create the perfect win win scenario for the elite who would close the doors to our well being very fast indeed and leave so many vulnerable without warning, a few well placed small sub level nuclear devices to stop the flow of oil would decimate mankind which no doubt they have already thought about, that's all it would take.
Benjamin Freedman, a Jew who knew the top Zionists (Sionists, Sun cultists) of the 1930s and 40s, said that anti-Semitism should be eliminated from the English language. He went on: “Anti-Semitism serves only one purpose today. It is used as a smear word. When so-called Jews feel that anyone opposes their real objectives, they discredit their victims by applying the word “anti-Semite” or “anti-Semitic” through all the channels they have at their command and under their control.”
The word Semitic comes from the race of peoples in ancient Sumer from whom the biblical Jews claimed to have emerged. Sem or Shem, one of the sons of Noah in the Bible stories, is said to be of this line and the origin appears to have been the legend of ‘Shemjaza’, the ‘heavenly son and guardian angel of God’. According to several Jewish writers, including Arthur Koestler, in his book The Thirteenth Tribe, very few Jews today can trace their genetic ancestry back to the Semite line of this period and/or the Semitic line in Palestine and Israel at the time of Y’shua (Jesus). Instead, they are the genetic descendants of a people of Turkish-Mongolian-Nordic ancestry called the Khazars who converted to the Jewish religion in 740AD.

The Khazars lived in lower Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas. They were between the Christian and Islamic worlds and their leader chose to accept the Jewish faith to avoid being swamped by the empires of the perceived alternatives. Most Jews today, Koestler says, originate from these people, not the Semitic line. In fact, to call someone ‘anti-Semitic’ is, more accurately, to call them ‘anti-Arab’, because more members of the old Semite race are Arab than are Jewish! After the breakup of the Khazar empire by the thirteenth century, the people who adopted the Jewish faith either stayed on in Russia or, in the case of the majority, moved on into what became the Balkans, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany.

The name Rothschild came from the Red Shield, the symbol of the Khazar “Jews” in eastern Europe (German: rotes schild = red shield). The Rothschild family have no more an historic link to Palestine than an eskimo. The ‘Jewish’ hooked nose does not originate from the biblical Israel. It has its genetic origins in the Caucasus. The classic Jewish face of Y’shua (Jesus) is a myth. He would not have looked anything like that because he was not born in Lower Russia.

As Koestler wrote, “Anthropology concurs with history in refuting the popular belief in a Jewish race descended from the biblical tribe”. The Jewish-born Christian bishop, Hugh Montefiore, said in the Church Times of January 24th 1992, that: “Anti-Semitism is built on a powerful racial myth, accepted by Jews and anti-Semites alike”. Yet it is members of the genetic stream which has no connection whatsoever with Palestine, who were behind the creation of Israel and today’s continued suppression of Palestinian rights.

The Jewish writer Alfred M. Lilienthal goes further. He says there is no such thing as a Jewish “race”. To be “Jewish” is to follow the Jewish religious faith and has nothing to do with race because, he says, people of endless races converted to the Jewish faith over thousands of years, so creating a vast cocktail of different genetic streams who called themselves Jewish. In his courageous book, What Price Israel?, Lilienthal points out: “The most persuasive argument the Jewish nationalist could advance for Zionism is based on the hypothesis of a ‘Hebrew-Semitic race’. But most members of such a ‘race’ would be found amongst the Arabic peoples of the Middle East, the overwhelming majority of whom do not profess the Jewish faith.

The Arabs, bitter enemies of the Israelis who have returned to their reported ‘racial home’, most closely resemble those Jews who are indigenous to Palestine and the Middle East; for they are of poorer Hebrew-Israelite blood than most of those who have been ‘ingathered’… The allegation that Arabs are anti-Semitic is somewhat ludicrous. “… it is, in fact, the unanimous conclusion of all anthropologists, from Weissenberg, Hertz and Fishberg (themselves Jews), to Boas, Ripley, Mead, Pittard and others that wherever Jews are found, they closely resemble the people amongst whom they live.

Even those of common family names supposedly traceable to the ancient Hebrew tribes, such as Levites (Levi) and Kohanim (Kohn, Coehn, Cohn) have little physical resemblence to one another. There is not one racial characteristic common to all who profess to be Jews.”
Any kind of ideology is controlled and given to the masses by the ruling elite and body for overall control, a child is born ignorant of his or her immediate environment and given their unconscious and ultimate conscious notions thereafter, thus we are never allowed to build our own perspective of nature or who we truly are as individuals, because we become stupid in maturity.
A person born in India is no different to a child born in Chille or a child born in Manchester, we are all the same and can interact, breed and trade with each other regardless of who we are told we are.

This trait is in constant resolution with itself and cannot back off from it, a Jew is the same as a non Jew.