Full Version: Giant UFO and other sightings
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Leaked video of Giant UFO over Adriatic sea !!! March 2018
Giant UFO Alien spaceship appears over US air force base !!! May 2018
Huge UFO over the mountains in Australia !!!

Giant UFO filmed by US marines over Arizona Desert!
Giant Cross-Shaped UFO spotted over Delaware River, USA...
Collection of UFO and strangeness from NASA footage
Leaked Military Report.. UFO Rendezvous with something big under the Ocean
Two ‘alien’ beings can be seen inside a UFO – from footage verified by the Turkish government

Do aliens use volcanoes as an energy source for their UFOs? -

Reports from eyewitnesses that they observed UFOs during eruptions of volcanoes, come with an enviable regularity. And now the proponents of the conspiracy theory claim that they have found an explanation for this amazing phenomenon. What is behind this? Do aliens use volcanoes as an energy source for their UFOs?
Red Skies.. A History of UFO's in  Russia by William L Moore
UFO Caught Sucking Water From a Lake in Sweden
What is the "real" reason the X37 Unmanned Shuttle is up in space?
What is it tracking?
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