Full Version: Greville Janner Was A Filthy Child Abuser No Matter What His Family Says.
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Well I have some actual knowledge concerning this. I don't live in Britain now but when I did I lived for some years in Leicester and Leicestershire. Nearly 40 years ago now I had heard the odd rumour about Greville Janner but then I had a conversation with a journalist from the local paper, the Leicester Mercury, who told me that they had been trying to expose Greville Janner but all of a sudden the whole story had been shut down. In the early nineties I lived in the constituency of another MP and I learned from people there, including in his own party, that he was also a paedophile. In fact some of his constituency members tried but failed to get him de-selected and they said they would be happy for anyone else to win in the following election but him.

A bit later on while living in Leicestershire I was told by a number of people about a paedophile ring of the great and the good in Leicestershire which included the two MPs. This was told to me without my having mentioned my earlier information. I also learned about some corruption going on to do with local planning applications but that's a totally different topic. Later on I met a couple of people separately, one connected with a children's charity and the other with connections to the police, who both talked about the two MPs without my having first mentioned it. Because of the number of people who I'd heard about it from who didn't know each other and because some were people in a position to have inside knowledge I came to very strongly believe that it was true both of Greville Janner and of the other MP who is still alive and still an MP.