Full Version: Favourite films
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What is your all time favourite film, or films?
Tough to pick one!!

Sleepers... is fantastic
Carlitos Way.... definitely up there
Snatch.... is brilliant
The Green Mile is also up there
Pulp Fiction too

Its very hard as I keep thinking of more
Here is an all new perspective on the life and history of Easter Island, stunning.
These are my all-time favourite
1. Good will hunting.
2. shawshank redemption.
3. Back to the Future.
4. Forest gump. Note ( Watch in English )
5. God must be crazy.
There are a few oldies and oldish films that we like,      The 39 Steps.       The Whisperers.        The Jigsaw Man.        Rita, Sue and Bob too.          Twin Town.
Spirit of the Beehive is my favorite movie because It touch my inner hearth
Right now, enjoying some comedy..good medicine. Not quite a movie, but it's an hour & 20mins long. Stand up comedian Jeff Allen