Full Version: No Proof Assad Used Chemical Weapons - But US & UK Did Use Them In Iraq
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I feel so angry and distressed right now at what is happening as do a lot of people and I don't think I've ever felt so ashamed to be British. It is the British government who should be called a regime. What a bunch of useless, lying psychopaths. Are they interested in proof or truth? Of course not. This is why they want to rush to war before their lies can be exposed. Every time I read or listen to anything to do with Syria I can feel my blood pressure soaring.

I never believed a word about the WMDs in Iraq and neither did anyone I knew. But at least you'd think some lesson would have been learnt from such a monumental catastrophe but no. Richie is right about the MSM. Either they are totally and utterly controlled or they are incompetent to a scale that is off the charts. Many of us want to stop this but how? We are utterly powerless. We can only hope that somehow conflict can be avoided but if it is it certainly won't be thanks to the wisdom of our so called leaders.

The body language and inert abiguity of the two anchors was one of hidden greif, they both knew Peter Ford was correct and could not bend the BBC's lies to his oars any further, their smiles at the very end of this short BBC interview clearly showed it.

Society is at the very cusp of freedom if they can simply hold their resolve together, only then will they see the lies for what they are, TPTB have milked the udder of humanity with their war at any cost rhetoric too many times and are now on the lower rungs of the political ladders.

What I would do now is hold all those sleeping giants of war in Parliament to book if they once again vote to go to war on another series of lies without first checking the evidences.

What the people should demand right now is a public vote, not a pollitical raffle, to vote for going to war if the inspectors find mall practice on either side of the fence, the people must be heard finally, I believe we are at the point of not return if we ignore this any further.