Full Version: Snowflake Feminazi Cultural Marxists Have Just Ruined The Darts!
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Are these the same feminazis who had a collective meltdown when Ross Poldark took his shirt off??
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All that anyone needs to say to these brainless idiots is:

"Tell me, did you get your job on the basis of your looks, or your intelligence".

Every single female journalist is (or at least was) considered attractive, dresses seductively, and smiles away at men.

As to why no one has the balls to shoot them down in flames is an absolute mystery to me.
It is worth noting that these girls do not feel exploited at all. They have both said that they love their job, they get on well with the players as they see them all the time and they have also struck up good friendships with some of the players wives, even helping to do their make up for the events.
The world has gone mad. Are we going to see boxing, formula 1 etc targeted next. And what about all the US cheerleaders?
How many of them would be out of a job if it happened over in America.
It will be interesting to see how these snowflakes see catwalk models. Are they being exploited too?
People have got to stand up to these idiots.
It's absolutely mental. Surely pop stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora are the girls that are being exploited. Better not give anyone any ideas, MTV sans Rih, Miley and Rita.
Completely crazy! These "presenters" who are trying to make everyone think they are for the poor exploited women, are just picking their fights.
O.K. If you virtue signaling media maniacs are so concerned about women, why are you not on the corner of walk & don't walk? I'm talking about the "oldest profession" prostitution. Why are the likes of BBC, Sky etc, not dragging in their "sisters" off the street. Are these women not being exploited? Are the "johns" not groping, and having sex with these women & paying for it? 
Where is the balance, where are the lines?
I think this is to bring down institutions, events & charities, where women can have jobs that their beauty, is required. We can't all work at the library.
So what's next? Maybe we need to get rid of the beauty pageants? Look at the awards given in those events, evening gown, talent, swim suit, and being able to give the proper answer, of world peace. All awarded on your physical attributes, right? Are these women not being exploited? Also beauty pageants are conducted at all age levels.
we just have to say No Enough, go away.