Full Version: Urgent - An Open Letter To The Chief Superintendent of Westminster Police
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Great letter Richie. I have shared, tweeted etc. All these bombs have a shelf life, sadly. Got to get them used. Unbelievable that May could openly admit to criminal activity on national TV and radio. I can't watch the news any more. far too many lies for me to cope with. I think most folk are asleep.
Well written Richie. Hope the letter goes viral.

Brilliantly put hope he acts on it
Sadly, nothing will happen...
I wish all those bloodthirsty warmongers were sent to trenches. "You want war? Well, here is you uniform and rifle. Go ahead, do it yourself - on foot."
It "highly likely", survivors would never, ever, be eager to go to war.
Good on you Richie, so what if they will not do anything. It's the principle, I admire your stand. If I lived in the UK I would do the same.
Brilliant response Richie to the situation we have very quickly found ourselves in. Overwhelming feelings of helplessness and hopelessness need to be curbed now, as we must never stop standing up for what’s right, or give up and let the bastards win. If Oz decides to get involved in this war (which no doubt it will), with your permission, I will be using the letter you have just penned to your own local constabulary as a template for my own communication with Australia’s PM, Turnbull and Foreign Minister. Thank you Richie for the positive idea, and your inspiration.
Well done and shared. But those "LAW" things are only for us little monkeys that pay for everything.
It disgusts me more than i can say what they have done. No time to protest, ignored everything that has happened before....
Sadly, the crime was preempted by a totally staged theatrical event that was parcel to a larger list of PsyOps that the US congress legalized in 2012. One of many destructive acts of aggression
against a sovereign nation and it's people, in violation of all standards of International Laws.
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