Full Version: Trump’s Nominees and Appointments
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Report: Haspel ‘Ran’ Program That Tortured Detainees -
Scarier Than John Bolton?

Think of Nikki Haley for President!

..... uses “white” name
Pompey could bring a chilling theocratic attitude to America's Foreign Policy -
New Secretary Of State Pompeo Promises To Fight ‘Until The Rapture’
'Torture & war crimes'

... former Gitmo detainee challenges waterboarding-apologist Green Beret -
The plot thickens... this has more twists than an episode of Colombo lol
Trump taps ex-Gitmo commander & Navy chief in 2011 Libya bombing as new envoy to South Korea -
Trump's NeoCon Conversion was Predictable
The Cognitive Dissonance Surrounding Donald Trump
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