Full Version: "Hoarding" Classified As Mental Disorder - Disease-Mongers Have The Cure.
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(04-23-2018, 08:09 AM)Front Page Posts Wrote: [ -> ]Comment on "Hoarding" Classified As Mental Disorder - Disease-Mongers Have The Cure.

If hoarding is an illness then I blame the consumerist paradigm and the next new model illness directly, and the catalyst? elitist PROPAGANDA including two smoking barrels.
I would say the elite are the worst culprits of all, in trying to brainwash and collect as much of the peoples energy and mindset for themselves, here is the true hoarding model where each soul is collected off of, from brith to death.

The very best hoarding model to retain is real life skills, I have been collecting these ever sinse I left the public traing paradigm/school and instead of costing me the earth they have been helping me and making huge savings to go.

Today our mainstay here in the UK is our service industries which make up about 80 percent of our well being, long gone is our factory jobs where no experience was neccesary but training will be given, those services are now about to fall off the preverbial cliff and what will be left with but hoarding the hoards of things we used to make.

It is a know fact that when we cease making things on our own terms we begin hoarding.
I used to be a hoarder but not to the level that Richie's article is about but I do know a few people who are that bad. I can't think of a pill or potion that would help though. I'm not even a materialistic person but the problem is emotional attachment. Once I realised that it wasn't the objects themselves I was attached to but the associated memories I was able to start letting things go. It took me several years to fully realise why I was doing it.

But that is what life has become about, acquiring more and more stuff and always having the very latest gadgets. As The Apprentice said in the post before mine we don't make stuff anymore we just acquire it. I don't remember this hoarding being such a problem in the past. Maybe because we weren't obsessed with stuff, we just bought what we needed.