Full Version: Where is Ken O'Keefe And Has He legally Ended War Yet? Just Wondering Like!
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Glad that there has been some follow up on this topic. It's a huge mystery how so many are willing to just put the stone over the top of this and move on. Of course, anyone who had asked for clarification (reimbursement or even for the "mission" to just get started already) was met with hostility, and this made very few people actually push forward to get ANY kind of reasonable response out of the whole thing. It IS surprising, though, that Allen was unaware of someone like KOK who had been self-promoting and being promoted for quite a long time, even though the results of his campaigns were almost always empty promises, and donations that went to him. Accountability is NOT one of his things. 
However, it IS a shame that back in 2016, before anyone put one red cent into the "mission", it had been "exposed" as to what it was. It was understood as a scam long before Igan or anyone who was promoting it changed their minds about it. Please see this article (just one of many)
By exposing KOK, and his scheme, it was a point in the right direction. His interview with Richie, and with Max Igan, was really something. Ken showed his true colors. As in everything, you have to research before you jump on any bandwagons.