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‘Compromised & gone’ -

... Pentagon lost $500mn of weapons, equipment in Yemen
American military officials admitted to members of Congress that they have lost track of millions in small arms, ammunition, night vision goggles, patrol boats, vehicles and other supplies donated by the US to the Yemeni government....
Why is Washington backing Saudi Starvation policy in Yemen ?
US Senators call on Pentagon to fully disclose role in Yemen War
Why there won’t be a Yemeni version of the ‘White Helmets’ -

Have you noticed the almost complete lack of video footage showing the ongoing Arab and US coalition aerial bombardment of Yemen’s key port city of Al Hudaydah?
Reuters reports the following:
"It took us over a week to find the body parts"

The horrific account on the April wedding party bombing in Yemen
Yemen's Navy captures French Vessel laden with foreign mercenaries
The siege of Hodeidah, Washington’s war crime in Yemen -

The siege of Yemen’s Red Sea port of Hodeidah launched by Saudi and United Arab Emirates-led forces at dawn on Wednesday could cost the lives of some quarter of a million people in the crowded city itself, according to a UN estimate, while threatening to kill millions more across the country through hunger and disease.

Inflicting mass suffering upon civilians is the main purpose of the attack on Hodeidah, which is the principal lifeline for food, fuel and medicine for at least 70 percent of the population in a country that depends on imports for up to 90 percent of its food. The aim is to starve the impoverished Yemeni people into submission.....
Amnesty accuses Saudi Arabian backed forces of possible War Crimes in Yemen
Yemenis flee Saudi-UAE bombardment of Hodeida -

...chaotic exodus and “nowhere to run”

Thousands of Yemenis have fled the port city of Hodeida amid a deadly Saudi/UAE invasion causing a mass exodus of internally displaced people already in the war...
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