Full Version: Vaccine Damage
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New study: vaccines linked to decline in mental health and social interaction – a cause of increase in mass school shootings?
Californian Senator Richard Pan is pushing a bill to make it a crime for anyone to question vaccines
[Vaccinegate: 5 of 7 analyzed products non-compliant -

... with biological guidelines
Metagenomics analysis report on vaccine samples

The Corvelva Association, an historic Italian association that supports vaccine freedom, has commissioned the analysis of biological contamination in some batches of vaccines currently commercialized in Italy, to a highly qualified scientific institute specialized in sequencing the genetic material .....
Aluminium Vaccine Adjuvant linked to Autism behaviour in mice
Unvaccinated students in Utah will now be expelled
Insurance Company offering Medical Doctors $400 payout if the Child is Fully Vaccinated by Aged 2
Robert F Kennedy Jnr.. The On going Thimerosol Travesty Needs to End

Amount of Mercury allowed in drinking water is 2 parts per billion
Amount of Mercury found in Vaccines is 51000 parts per billion
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