Full Version: BBC Hit piece on Syria last night
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Typical MSM report on "The REAL Syrian conflict"

-No Mention of Jabhat-al-Nusra
-No Mention of Jayesh -al-Islam
-No Mention of Terrorist forces leaving Libya and entering Syria through Turkey
-No interrogation of their guest speakers - self proclaimed "Revolutionaries" who were 'incidently' imbedded in Terrorist strongholds in Alleppo and Ghoutta. 
- No mention that on Liberation of Alleppo, the joy of the Syrian civillians on release from their terrorist captives that held them hostage.

And most Interestingly, to me, at least , not a word on their poster boys, The White Helmets.  I guess even they are embarrassed by their construct now.

Can't wait for part 2 tonight