Full Version: Virtue signalling
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We often point out virtue signalling in the media. However, I believe it's important to hold ourselves to the same standards.

I don't have a problem soliciting donations to support the show... but, isn't it virtue signalling to call out "those who can afford it" by saying they should be making donations?

A free programme is free programme. 

In advertising, it's called "bait and switch" when a business lures a customer in with free or low value offers only to make it unavailable and switch them to an alternative offer. (This virtue signalling is similar). 

I want the show to succeed as much as the next person (I've even made the occasional donation). And, as a consultant that helps businesses improve their profitability, I speak from experience when I say that businesses who offer a good service but can't turn a profit are two a penny.

Delivering a good service is expected. If a business doesn't have a good service then they're dead in the water. Yet, the hardest thing a business has to do is figure out how to monetise their business model and make it self sustaining.

Most people have experienced the hare krishna person that gives a gift in the street (flower or a book or some other low value donation), then upon accepting the gift they ask you for a donation in return. This uses a powerful persuasion technique called reciprocation. 

I respect and understand the decision to keep the show content free to all. And, understand it has to monetise somehow, yet, disagree with the methods of doing it.

Firstly, because it contradicts the behaviours we point out during the show. And secondly, because it's so ineffective. 

Rightly or wrongly, it is human nature for people to follow the path of least resistance. If people no not have to donate they won't.

Here's my ideas to make soliciting/monetisation more effective:
  • Make a free 30 day subscription. At the end of the 30 days the user can choose another free 30 day subscription, or make a donation (free option always available). Forcing the subscriber to actively renew their free subscription, or choose to give a free donation.
  • Post a portion of the content to subscribers of (the site is always free to those that choose and renew the free 30-day subscription). The portion of content posted to subscribers could be any amount your choose right down to one show or interview.
  • Ask the subscribers to opt in for email notifications to the blog (this would very quickly become the main traffic source for the blog).
  • Place ads on the blog and/or in the email notification.
  • Post video content to the decentralised Steemit / Dtube where you can get paid crypto for content sharing. Here's a screen shot from the WeAreChange Dtube video with only 5k subscribers

  • Send out a link to the Dtube video to subscribers of
  • Change the YouTube strategy to lead generation for Post half the interview on youtube and the other half on - after opt in or subscription.
These are just a few ideas, yet I believe you can dramatically improve the revenue of the show while still providing unrestricted free content for all those that choose not to donate.