Full Version: Life is Stressful
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I must confess this article relieved some of my stress and made me laugh instead. I have recently moved to a rural area in Spain from a village near Gibraltar and my husband and I have been customers of vodafone for the past 6 years with [hardly!] any problems. Since we have moved the only stress we have had is from Vodafone itself.....I won't bore you with the details but after a little research I realize that we are far from alone in our'disenchantment' with this sham of a company, they have been voted one of the worst internet providers and, according to a whistleblower from said company, after you have made a service call you then receive a call asking how satisfied you are with the 'customer care' service [I can verify that this does happen] and if you give a low or poor rating the person you spoke to will get points against him/her and if they continue to 'perform badly' they are sacked. Vodafone are only interested in keeping customers 'happy' over the phone but make no effort to sort out actual problems that customers may have.